Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ditto Egg Group: Directory

This page contains a directory for the Ditto Egg Group pokemon from Gen I (Kanto) to Gen VII (Alola) in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

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Ditto Egg Group

The Ditto Egg Group is very unique as it is the only Egg Group that does not require a specific Pokemon in order to reproduce. Ditto can also breed with even genderless Pokemon. This Egg Group is specifically for the Ditto Pokemon alone. As it is able to transform to any physical form, Dittos usually turn into rocks when they are sleeping to camouflage themselves at their most vulnerable state.

List of Ditto Egg Group Pokemon

Below are the list of the Ditto Egg Group Pokemon until Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon (Gen VII). It is exclusively for the shape-shifting Pokemon, Ditto. As Ditto is able to copy any form and does not require Egg Groups specific to it, it is the only Egg Group that belongs to a single Egg Group. If players want to know more about the Ditto Pokemon, hover your cursor over the name and click it.

Pokedex No. Pokémon
#132 Ditto


Egg Group

Pokemon (Egg Group)
Grass Bug Flying Human-Like
Monster Fairy Dragon Mineral
Field Amorphous Water 1 Water 2
Water 3 Gender Unknown Undiscovered Ditto

National Pokedex Directory

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