Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Water 3 Egg Group: Directory

This page contains a directory for all Water 3 Egg Group pokemon from Gen I (Kanto) to Gen VII (Alola) in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Water 3 Egg Group

The Water 3 Egg Group is the third group among the water types and one of the 15 common Egg Types. Similar to Pokemon Egg Group Water 1 and Water 2 the Water 3 majority also is composed of Water pokemon. However the distinct feature they have as members of the Water 3 Egg Group is that they appear similarly to that of aquatic vertebrae. A common example for this group are Tentacool and Tentacruel who are Cnidarian in nature. Sheldon and Cloyster are mollusks hiding in their shells as their only form of defense. However the pokemon can breed into the Water 1 Egg group.One example would be giving Cloyster Egg Moves. Cloyster can inherit moves as a Shelder Egg depending on the moves it can possibly inherit.

List of Water 3 Egg Group Pokemon

Below are the list of the Water 3 Pokemon until Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon (Gen VII). There are some pokemon also that have Water 3 as a secondary Egg Group trait. Most of the pokemon in this group are also not all Water type. There are some pokemon here that are either Rock or Fighting type. Some of these examples would include Lileep Cradilly Anorith Armaldo. And for the recent release from Pokemon Sun Moon are Crabrawler and Crabominable. If players want to know about one of the pokemon hover your cursor over the name and click it.

Water 3 Egg Group

Pokedex No. Pokémon
#72 Tentacool
#73 Tentacruel
#90 Shellder
#91 Cloyster
#98 Krabby
#99 Kingler
#120 Staryu
#121 Starmie
#345 Lileep
#346 Cradily
#347 Anorith
#348 Armaldo
#688 Binacle
#689 Barbaracle
#739 Crabrawler
#740 Crabominable

Water 3 Egg Group (Secondary)

Bug – Water 3 Egg Group

Pokedex No. Pokémon
#451 Skorupi
#452 Drapion
#767 Wimpod
#768 Golisopod

Flying – Water 3 Egg Group

Pokedex No. Pokémon
#566 Archen
#567 Archeops

Flying – Water 3 Egg Group

Pokedex No. Pokémon
#138 Omanyte
#139 Omastar
#140 Kabuto
#141 Kabutops
#222 Corsola
#341 Corphish
#342 Crawdaunt
#564 Tirtouga
#565 Carracosta
#692 Clauncher
#693 Clawitzer

Egg Group

Pokemon (Egg Group)
Grass Bug Flying Human-Like
Monster Fairy Dragon Mineral
Field Amorphous Water 1 Water 2
Water 3 Gender Unknown Undiscovered Ditto

National Pokedex Directory

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