Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to Find Tauros

This guide contains information on how to find Tauros, an uncommonly appearing Pokemon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

What is Tauros?

How to find Tauros

Tauros is a Normal-type Pokemon with high Speed and Attack. It does not evolve.

Where do you find Tauros?

Tauros appears in the Paniola Ranch. However, since it’s a rare Pokemon, it’s appearance rate is quite low. You’d need to look for it persistently. Tauros also tends to make for a quick escape after encountering him.

Tauros can SOS-call Miltank. Miltank can also SOS-call Tauros. Therefore, you can try to capture both if you manage to encounter one.

Rare Pokemon Location List

Rare Pokemon Name
Pichu - Pikachu Mimikyu Bagon
Buneary Zorua Furfrou
Hawlucha Corsola Clamperl
Eevee Tauros Miltank
Alomomola Feebas Staryu
Kangaskhan Magby Cubone
Chinchou - Lanturn Pinsir Passimian
Oranguru Larvitar Skarmory
Ditto Minior Beldum
Elekid Houndoom Manectric
Bruxish Alolan Vulpix Alolan Sandshrew
Klefki Pawniard - Bisharp Dedenne
Togedemaru Tortunator Trapinch
Gabite Dhelmise Gastrodon
Lapras Carvanha Relicanth
Jangmo-o Corphish Drampa
Sableye Abra Basculin
Castform Vanillite

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