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This page contains news on Meet the Ultra Recon Squad. It reveals information on the members and their initial involvement through the revealed trailer.

Meet the Ultra Recon Squad

Similar to Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 which introduced the Neo Team Plasma, the latest Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Official Trailer carves another group to tie with the additions made to the game. The trailer finally reveals the mystery characters that were previously hinted on Coro coro’s scanned leaks. Meet the Ultra Recon Squad, a group that consists of 4 members. These characters wear space-looking outfits, similar to the Trainer’s taking off into the Wormhole. It implies that the Trainer might receive this as a possible Key Item or gift from the group later on in order to explore the Ultra Space.

Source: Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

Meet the Ultra Recon Squad: Four times the Charm

Meet the Ultra Recon Squad

Source: Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

Members of the Ultra Recon Squad consists of 4: Ultra Squad Phyco appears to be the eldest. He sports a mustache and is the first to appear in the Japanese Variety Show’s trailer. Next is Ultra Squad Soliera, a middle-aged woman with a similar hair color to Phyco’s. She wears lipstick and has sideswept hair. Third is Ultra Squad Dulse, a young man with lavender hair. Then comes the little girl, Ultra Squad Zossie, who is possibly the youngest of the group and probably ties in age with the Trainer, Hau, and Lillie. She also has some hair hanging to the side, however contrary to the above mentioned characters, hers constitutes warm instead of cool colors.

Meet the Ultra Recon Squad: Friend or Foe

The footage reveals 2 of the members attempting to block someone’s path, which is parallel to the encounter of Pokemon Trainer Lillie with Aether Paradise Representatives in Sun and Moon. Contrary to the previous games, the members of Ultra Recon Squad seem to perform mostly supportive roles similar to the Investigation done by Looker and Annabelle. However, like those from Aether Paradise, they often come across with the Trainer usually challenging them to Pokemon Battles.

Meet the Ultra Recon Squad: New UB captured

Towards the end of the trailer, Ultra Recon Squad members carry the New Ultra Beast in their roster. This is different from Sun and Moon, where Trainers never got to battle Main Story Characters that possess Ultra Beasts while still maintaining their sanity. This excludes Aether President Lusamine since the Parasite Pokemon corrupted her.

The games are scheduled for release on November 17, 2017. Stay tuned for more Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon news.

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