Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to Catch the Tapu Pokemon: Guide

The Tapu Pokemon or the Land Spirit Pokemon are the legendaries of the Alola Region in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Each of them representing an island.

Tapu Pokemon

The Tapu Pokemon are the four deities that guard each of the islands. Similar to Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie in Gen IV or Suicune, Entei, and Raikou in Gen II, the Tapu Pokemon serve as the legendaries that guard another legendary. In this case, the Tapu Pokemon remain consistent across both versions having all four present: Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Lele, and Tapu Fini.

In the lore, the Tapu Pokemon also serve as the deities that choose the Island Kahuna. After they are appointed, the Island Kahuna then guard the ruins where they stay. With the four of them, they each represent an island. Tapu Koko for Melemele Island, Tapu Lele for Akala Island. Tapu Bulu is on Ula’ula Island while Tapu Fini appears in Poni Island. Fun fact also is that the Tapu Pokemon appear to have more personality than the others.

tapu pokemon
Left to right: Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini

How to Catch Tapu Koko

  1. Defeat the Elite Four.
  2. Head back to Melemele Island.
  3. When you reach Melemele Island, head to the Ruins of Conflict with Lillie. The Ruins of Conflict is north of the Plank Bridge on Mahalo Trail.
  4. Once you reach the Ruins of Conflict, enter the Ruins and challenge Tapu Koko.
  5. When you speak to Tapu Koko, the battle begins.

How to Catch Tapu Lele

  1. Defeat the Elite Four.
  2. After defeating the Elite Four, head to Akala Island.
  3. Once on Akala Island, head to the Akala Outskirts and then head north again to the Ruins of Life.
  4. When you reach the Ruins of Life, enter the ruins and you’ll spot Tapu Lele.
  5. Speak to Tapu Lele and you’ll trigger a battle.

How to catch Tapu Bulu

  1. Defeat the Elite Four.
  2. After defeating the Elite Four, head to Ula’ula Island.
  3. Once on Ula’ula Island, head for the Haina Desert.
  4. Keep heading north until you reach the Ruins of Abundance.
  5. Enter the Ruins of Abundance to confront Tapu Bulu.

How to catch Tapu Fini

  1. Defeat the Elite Four.
  2. After defeating the Elite Four, head to Poni Island.
  3. Once on Poni Island, head for the Poni Breaker Coast.
  4. Keep heading east until you reach the Ruins of Hope.
  5. Enter the Ruins of Abundance to confront Tapu Fini.

Tips on Catching the Tapu Pokemon

  1. Stock on Ultra Balls. Don’t waste your Master Ball unless you’ve begun farming for it.
  2. If you have one pokemon that’s super effective to it, make sure you have one at the same level of the Tapu Pokemon to prevent over-kills.
  3. Have one of your Pokemon learn False Swipe. Most particularly, have your tanky one learn it. In doing so, it can sustain the damage as you desperately try to catch the Tapu Pokemon.
  4. One of your Pokemon should have any move that puts the Tapu Pokemon to sleep or to paralyze. Using the other conditions such as Burn, Poison, and Confuse may end up killing the Pokemon. If insistent, make sure the Tapu Pokemon is at least 20% HP.

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