Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Type Chart (Generation VII): Guide

Sharing our Generation VII Type Chart in the newest installment of the Pokemon game series: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon (USUM)

What is a Type Chart

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon assigns types to both moves and Pokémon. Having a type chart allows a player to effectively influence the damage dealt by their Pokémon or received from another Pokémon by comparing the strengths and resistances each type offers. Players can gain an edge in battle if they are familiar with how the different types interact with each other.

Pokemon Types


Type Matchup Chart

Pokemon Type Chart

  • Green means damage dealt is doubled (Super Effective Against)
  • Black means no damage is dealt (No Effect)
  • Red means damage is reduced to half (Not Very Effective)

If a Pokémon has two types, the strengths and weaknesses of both types will be used in calculating damage dealt and received. If a Pokémon’s types both share the same weakness, the Pokémon will receive four times damage as a result. For example, Bug-types and Steel-types are both weak to Fire-type moves, and thereby each will take 2x damage from them. If a Pokémon is both Bug-type and Steel-type, it will take 4x the damage from a Fire-type move.

The same applies to resistances. If a Pokémon were both a Fire-type and Water-type, the damage received from a Fire-type move would be reduced to 1/4x. Lastly, type strengths and weaknesses cancel each other out. For example, a Bug-type Pokémon would take half damage from a Fighting-type move, but Steel-types take 2x damage from Fighting-type attacks. A Bug-type and Steel-type Pokémon would, as a result, take normal damage from a Fighting-type attack.

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