Destiny 2 - Cabal Excavation Heroic Public Event Guide

This page contains a guide on the Cabal Excavation Heroic Public Event - Defeat Excavation Valus, including objectives, and how to trigger it in the game.

Destiny 2 Cabal Excavation Guide

The Cabal Excavation Public event requires the player to capture a Cabal drill. Note that there will be Cabal forces (Leguionary, Phalanx and Gladiators) within the area guarding it. This Public Event can be found in EDZ (the Winding Cove) and Io (Lost Oasis, the Rupture).

Override the Mining Lander

To proceed to hijack the drill, place yourself within the area of the machine (indicated by the white circle). You will need to stay within the position until the capture progress reaches 100 pecent.

Heroic Public Event Conditions: It is recommended to have a good number of Guardians in your group to complete the Heroic Public Event, though it can be accomplished solo if you have enough powerful weapons. To trigger it, you will need to take down a Thresher Cabal ship when you have overriden 30 percent of the drill. It isn’t hard to shoot down, especially if you have a rocket launcher as it moves very slowly in the air. If you don’t manage to destroy the Thresher, it will retreat and come back later. This gives you another chance to trigger the Heroic Public Event if you missed it the first time.

Defeat Excavation Valus (Heroic Public Event)

Once you’ve triggered the Heroic Public Event, a Cabal Centurion called Excavator Valus will appear. This enemy is a standard Centurion armed with a powerful cannon. He will not be alone however, as he will be accompanied by some Honored Gladiators and Legionaries. You can try to eliminate these enemies first, then immediately focus your group’s fire on Excavation Valus. Playing as a Titan to erect a shield helps in avoiding too much damage when fighting Valus. Also, be sure to fire at his head for more damage.

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