Destiny 2 - Pyramidion Mission Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

This Pyramidion mission guide contains directions on how to beat this incredibly challenging Strike Mission. This can be done in a fireteam or alone.

The Pyramidion Mission

The Pyramidion mission is a strike mission for Destiny 2. This mission is recommended for fireteams, unless you’re good enough to stand up against a whole horde of Vex (and a very dangerous boss) alone. In this mission, you will have to traverse platforms, cross laser defenses and encounter incredibly dangerous foes. This Pyramidion mission guide recommends fireteams due to the difficulty of this strike mission.

pyramidion mission

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use your grenades carefully.
    • If you’re planning to solo this then, you’re going to need to use your grenades sparingly.
    • However, even as a Fireteam, there are times you’re going to have to make a choice whether to use the grenade or not.
  • Look before your leap.
    • Similar to the other strike missions, you’re going to have to navigate through traps. One had mines, the other one had enemy triggering traps, and this one has lasers.
  • Coordinate.
    • There’s a particular mechanic here that requires you to coordinate and hack the Network towers. By then, you’ll only have two players to fight off the horde while one activates the towers.

The Pyramidion Mission Guide – Walkthrough

Looking for the first Warp Gate

  1. The first part of Pyramidion mission’s pretty clean. However, once you proceed forward, the place will soon be crawling with Vex. Have your team member with the highest survivability draw their fire while you kite around the rest. This particular job often falls to the Titan class member.
  2. Once you’re done with that portion, you can make your way to what the mission will call the “Colossal Steps”.
  3. When you make your way to the Colossal Steps, you’ll find the first warp gate. However, the warp gate will not activate unless you cleared the area. The best ones to use their supers here are either the Hunters (as an Arcstrider) or the WarlockDawnblade. After defeating all the enemies, make your way into the first warp gate.

Altar Room

  1. Head deeper into the structure through a huge circular doorway. Next make your way down the tunnel. On the other side is a small group of taken. Eliminate them.
  2. Jump down the platforms, using your thrusters to direct your flight. Throw a grenade from a higher platform down the squad of taken goblins if you’d like. Do this until you reach the entry way covered with lasers below. This is easy to traverse–simply avoid the lasers. On the other side, you’ll find that the floor is covered with lasers, so use your thrusters to jump right through. On the other side, jump up the wall of lasers, and slide through the taller wall in the next area.
  3. Calculate your drop down so that you can avoid the lasers. In the chamber below, you have to defeat the Taken.
  4. Enter the warp gate. In the next chamber, wait for the lasers to turn off before proceeding. Turn left down the hallway and wait for the next laser row to turn off. Do this until you reach the ledge heading down to the lower floor. WARNING: there is a laser trap here. Look before you leap. 
  5. You are now instructed to find the Next Warp Gate, and then to Activate the Altars. 

Hack the Towers

  1. Have one of your team mates to activate each altar, while you take care of the taken–and there are swarms of them. Once you activate the three altars, you can finally head for the last Warp Gate. Enter through it after killing the vex teleporting in.
  2. Traverse the traps, heading north down the labyrinth. In the next chamber you will have to fight through some low-level taken, and traverse a corridor of spinning lasers. Timing is everything. Once you Cross over, you can now enter the last warp gate. Again, you will need to hack the 4 Network Towers in this area. Have one of your squadmates hack each tower as your other team mates take out the enemies around you.
  3. You now have access to the Genesis Mind, the final boss for the Pyramidion mission. Drop down and enter the area to fight the Genesis Mind
  4. After defeating him, you would have finished the Pyramidion mission!

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