Destiny 2 - Lost Sectors Guides Directory

This page contains the Lost Sectors Guides Directory in Destiny 2. It includes an introduction and summary of the Sector, Area, and Lost Sector Locations.

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guides Directory

This is the Lost Sectors Guides Directory for Destiny 2. Lost Sectors are separate dungeons by the crossroads across Patrol locations in Destiny 2. A Symbol that appears like inverted “U”s with a dot on the center indicate that a Lost Sector is nearby.

Partaking of Lost Sectors involves searching for the Entrance and defeating the enemies to summon the boss at the end. Once you take out all enemies including the boss, a treasure chest will spawn to reward you with a gear as compensation.

Lost Sectors Guides Directory

Lost Sectors Guides Locations

There is no clear indication to distinguish if a Lost Sector is suitable for the Guardian’s level. However a rule of thumb is to complete all Story Missions first to maximize a Character’s Level to 20. Ideally, you would also want to have around 200 for the Power Level to take majority of the Lost Sector dungeons.

Below is a list of the Lost Sectors Guides grouped according to their respective Areas.

European Dead Zone

EDZ Sectors
Trostland Outskirts Winding Cove
Firebase Hades The Gulch The Sludge
Sunken Isles


Io Sectors
The Rupture Lost Oasis


Nessus Sectors
Exodus Black Glade of Echoes Artifacts Edge
The Tangle The Cistern


Titan Sectors
Siren’s Watch The Rig

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