Destiny 2 - Warlock: Destiny 2 Job Class Strategy and Tips Guide

This article contains information about Destiny 2's Warlock class. Destiny 2's Warlock is known for their versatility and their ability to support.

Warlock Class

The Warlock class, also known as the “Guardians”, specialize in combining magical powers which originate from The Traveler. While using their magical powers, they also use modern weapons. Those under the Warlock class long studied The Traveler, granting them the ability to utilize some of their powers. As they continue to hone their skills, their arcane magics grow stronger.

Based on appearance, the Warlock class uses rounded helmets and long vestments (similar to robes). While they do have the usual gauntlets, chest armor, greaves, and helmets, they have an additional slot. The fifth slot then serves as an augment slot to further their magical capabilities.

The Warlock class currently has two sub-classes available: the Dawnblade and the Voidwalker. However, players can also soon unlock the Stormcaller subclass at level 15.


The Warlock skills are the most basic skills granted to the player from this class. While players are in this class, they take a more supportive stance in comparison to the other class. They grant additional buffs to allies plus provide them sustainability which is important especially in big battles.

They are also known for their heightened versatility, allowing them to adjust to any situation when necessary.


  • Healing Rift
    Creates a circle of light that gradually heals allies as long as they’re within the circle.
  • Empowering Rift
    Similar to Healing Rift, however, this instead grants an attack boost to allies.


The Warlock class has two sub-classes: the Dawnblade and the Voidwalker. Both classes underwent reworking after Destiny 1. The Dawnblade formerly went by the name the Sunsinger. However, they added some offensive skills while taking out some of the supportive skills. The Dawnblade also is capable of melee combat which allows the player to burn their foes. The Voidwalker on the other hand represents a more “glass-cannon” type build which players find themselves fighting in the back lines in order to inflict heavier damage.

Dawnblade Voidwalker Stormcaller

Other Job Classes

Job Classes
 Hunter Warlock Titan

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