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 Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons

This page contains all of the Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons available in the game. Each link that you can find below has its own unique article page that describes the legendary weapon, its stats that includes its attack, RPM and Magazine Count, the Blast Radius, Velocity, Stability, Reload and handling as well as a strategy guide on how to effectively use the weapon. The articles also contains a guide on how you can obtain the legendary weapon as well.

Destiny 2 Legendary Weapons

Primary Weapons
Scathelocke Rifle Lincoln Green Nightshade
Does Not Compute The Showrunner Bad News
Better Devils The Needle Black Scorpion-4SR
Nergal PR4  Deathstalker-4AU Red Mamba-3MG
Phosphoros MG4 Suros GJS-42 Urchin 3SI
Power Weapons
Morrigan-D Berenger’s Memory Flash and Thunder
NADDOD-D Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun Retrofuturist
Main Ingredient Tarantula-3FR Show of Force
Melee Weapon
Negative Space

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