Mission 15 1AU Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

This article contains information on Mission 15 1AU in Destiny 2, including a walkthrough of the whole mission from start to finish.

Mission 15 1AU

Find and disable the Almighty’s Weapons

  1. Walk a few paces left and drop down to the next bay, taking out the legionaries as you see them. Head for the exposed pipe down the way as you move forward.
  2. Keep moving forward and jump across the gap towards the big cylindrical structure. Head up the stairs and fight off another set of legionaires in another bay area. Your ghost will direct you to the nearby console so that it could interact with it. Head to that console to get the bridge back online.
  3. Cross the bridge carefully, taking out as much of the enemies as you can. Once you’re on the other side, enter through the doors leading into The Almighty. 
  4. Keep heading down the winding passage and into the next area–Mineral Processing. Head into the chamber and  take out the legionaries guarding the area. Look for the glowing yellow sphere and pick up the fusion cell nearby. This will kill you if you don’t place it where it belongs. Luckily the fusion cell can be placed in a nearby panel, closing the massive door and processing the massive rocks blocking your way. Remember that door later, for now you’ll have to fight.
  5. You’ll have to fight some war beasts and other tough enemies. Once you take them out, head back to the massive door, and look for the tunnel. Enter it and cross through to find yourself in Sunside. 
  6. The first hydraulic door you come across will hold a bunch of warbeasts and a lot of legionaries, but if you have a decent build you won’t have such a difficult time. Keep moving forward and turn left and out to Sunside.
  7. Here you’ll have to brave the utterly oppressive heat and light of the very sun itself. Keep sticking to the shadows as you fight your way through. Take out the legionaries hiding under the raised panels, and head across the bridge to your left. Jump up and head left up the side of the ship. Your goal is to enter the door way to the northwest of your position. Enter the ship again, away from the sun’s rays.
  8. In this chamber you wil find IncendiorsGladiators, and War beasts. Take care of them  with caution–especially the sniper foe atop a cat walk. Climb up the circular catwalk until you find yourself on the second floor.
  9. Traverse the corridors, taking out the legionaries and gladiators. Traverse the corridors until you get to the restricted zone. 
  10. In the restricted zone, eliminate the legionaries and other enemies immediately. Head to the gravity tube to escape your assailants.
  11. After a really cool scene while riding the tube, you’ll find yourself in dark area. Quickly drop down from the ledge and drop down the hole to the north. Look for the gray door, and take out the legionaries.
  12. Dropping down from this ledge, you’ll find an interceptorUse the interceptor to take out your enemies with solar rockets (or shooting the canisters)!
  13. Use the interceptor to get to Light’s End.
  14. In Light’s End, your only goal is to take out the cooling vents. This means looking for the door of the dome and aiming at the opening, firing at it with some interceptor rockets. You’ll have to destroy two domes in the same way.
  15. Look for the main cooling system. Take your foes out first, and then wait for the main cooling doors to open before you can destroy the fan. Enter the chamber and look for the fusion cell. 
  16. With the fusion cell, you’ll have to traverse the nigh-superheated corridors, towards the circular conduit. Place the fusion core here.

Escape the Almighty

  1. Climb up the platform from where you came from and keep running until you reach the ship.

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