Destiny 2 - Thaviks Depraved Boss Guide: Tips and Strategies

Thaviks Depraved is the boss that appears in Exodus Crash. He fights similarly to a guardian and is one of the few who has stealth abilities.

Thaviks Depraved

Thaviks Depraved is the last boss in the Exodus Crash Strike mission. He’s one of those bosses that move faster than most. In a sense, his move set is very similar to that of player. This particular boss fight makes it appear as if the player is in PvP. He has stealth skills which can make one impatient but that’s okay. It happens. The battle is a game of attrition and keeping your nerve is the best way to defeat him.

Thaviks Depraved Boss Guide

Phase 1

  • He’ll cloak himself every now and then. Players must keep nimble. And whatever, stick close to one another. Sticking close to one another exposes less holes and better chances of you blowing him up.
    • It’s not hard if players can spot the shimmering from his stealth.
  • He has a variety of melee attacks and ranged attacks. Depending on who he locks on, Thaviks can deplete a long health bar if you’re not careful. Titan classes do not have much escapability and therefore need to time their barriers.
  • Take note as you bring him down, Thaviks will summon Vandals and Shanks. However, this dependent on your team’s over-all rating. Nonetheless, keep the communication lines open.
  • After a third of his life goes down, he’ll move on to the next phase.

Phase 2

  • Thaviks will then scurry for the entrance and summon more creatures: particularly Vandals and Shanks.
  • Prioritize the Shanks. They have the ability to create arc-based fields which stun you and your allies, allowing Thaviks to deal a flurry of blows.
  • He also summons a variety of other enemies which can bother you while fighting Thaviks. Here, it can split with two members dealing with the mob while one deals consistent damage to the boss.
  • Once his health drops, he moves on to the next phase.

Phase 3

  • This is the boss’s final stand. Once there, his attack and attack speed increase. He will launch himself at you and begin dealing a flurry of blows.
  • However, this should be easy if the Hunter is the point of aggro. Majority of his attacks are linear which takes a bit of timing. With that, Warlocks can pop their Supers and end the battle.

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