Main Story Missions Walkthrough Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

This page contains a directory of all Main Story Walkthroughs for Destiny 2. Click on a mission to view a detailed strategy guide in the game.

Main Story Missions Walkthrough Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

Destiny 2’s narrative focuses on one of the few surviving Guardians who barely escapes the wrath of the Cabal Red Legion. The Guardian must go against the mighty forces of the Cabal warlord Dominus Ghaul who has deemed his people the rightful inheritors of The Traveler’s power. Believing this, he attacks the only surviving bastion for mankind and civilization on Earth – The City.

With The City overrun by the Red Legion, the Vanguards flee across the galaxy. The Guardian must then go on a search to reunite its members who have fled to Titan, Io and Nessus to stand a chance against Dominus Ghaul’s armies. It will be no easy task however, as various hostile entities aside from the Red Legion are also lurking the galaxy.

Click on a Story Mission Walkthrough below to go to its guide page for strategies, detailed information about obtainable weapons, armor and equipment, enemies and bosses encountered, and tips and tricks.

Main Story Missions Walkthrough
Mission 1 – Homecoming Mission 2 – Adieu Mission 3 – Spark
Mission 4 – Combustion Mission 5 – Hope Mission 6 – Riptide
Mission 7 – Utopia Mission 8 – Looped Mission 9 – Six
Mission 10 – Sacrilege Mission 11 – Fury Mission 12 – Payback
Mission 13 – Unbroken Mission 14 – Larceny Mission 15 – 1AU
Mission 16 – Chosen

Throughout the course of the main story, the Guardian must journey to reclaim their lost power, as well as rouse the resistance against the Red Legion. They must enlist the aid of Zavala the Titan, Ikora Rey the Warlock and Cayde-6 the Hunter in their quest to take back The City.

You can also check out our Guardian Class Guides by clicking on any class below for detailed information on abilities, skills, and an overview of how to play them in the game.

 Primary Classes
Hunter Warlock Titan
Arcstrider Dawnblade Sentinel
Gunslinger Voidwalker Striker

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