Destiny 2 - Fusion Rifle Weapon: Power Weapon Rarity Database

A Fusion Rifle has a slower rate of fire than that of the Shotgun. It has a charging time but also deals more damage than a Shotgun.

Destiny 2 Fusion Rifle Weapon

Destiny 2 Fusion Rifle is a weapon that appears in-game. The Fusion Rifle appears to unleash the same power as the Shotgun. However, there’s a minor catch: the Fusion Rifle takes time to charge. In the long run however, a Fusion Rifle has lower DPS than that of a Shotgun. But there is a means to balance this. If the player finds a Fusion Rifle with proper perks to increase its power and shorten the charging time then, the player would find themselves liking the Fusion Rifle. The Fusion Rifle may work well with Titans due to their ability to hold the line with their Barrier skill.

For Destiny 2, Fusion Rifle has several classifications. There’s the Common, Uncommon, Legendary, and Exotic kinds of Fusion Rifles. A Destiny 2 Fusion Rifle also only has a single slot: Power.

Fusion Rifles List

Fusion Rifle
Source: DestinyGameWiki

*These weapons are sorted by rarity. If new Fusion Rifles appear, we’ll be updating this as well. 


Exotic Fusion Rifles appear more in the Beta than they do in-game. They have an extremely low drop rate, making them coveted by most players. Players can also choose an Exotic Weapon upon completing a particular portion of the game. However, some weapons such as the Merciless are only available after pre-ordering it.

Name Slot Perk
How to Obtain
Merciless Power


Legendary Fusion Rifles do drop in-game. Similarly to the Exotic, they have a low drop rate. However, they do not need a certain condition to be met unless it’s a quest item. Should the player be unable to procure an exotic Fusion Rifle, a legendary Fusion Rifle can serve as a good substitute.

Name Slot Perk
How to Obtain
Cartesian Coordinate ??
Legendary Engrams, Drops
 Cartesian TSM Power
Legendary Engrams, Drops
Critical Sass Power
Legendary Engrams, Drops
Erentil FR4 Power
Keres FR3 Power
Legendary Engrams, Drops
Main Ingredient Power
Nox Echo II Power
Shock and Awe Power


The rares are one of the easiest to get. They’re quite a good find especially while you’re midway through a mission and you’re looking for a weapon to swap out of. These weapons drop a little more often than the Legendary and often appear in Decoherent Engrams,. If players find themselves on an uncommon weapon or common weapon then, they should immediately switch it to a rare if they can. This is probably one of the best compromises since it has a higher drop rate.

Name Slot Perk
How to Obtain
Nox Cordis II Power
Nox Lumen II Power
Parsec TSU Power


The Uncommon Weapons are also easy to find. If you have a Common Weapon and you find an Uncommon then, best you replace it. In the long run, the Uncommon will definitely deal more damage. However, you’ll find yourself at a wit’s end if you’re fighting a boss like Irausk or Thumos. With both of them being increasingly chunky, you’re going to need a better weapon.

Name Slot Perk
How to Obtain
Equinox TSU Power
Nox Calyx II Power
Nox Reve II Power


Common Weapons are better off being thrown or destroyed. They don’t have much to contribute nor do they have much damage.

Name Slot Perk
How to Obtain
King Cobra-4FR Power
Man o’ War Power
Tarantula Power

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