Mission 16 Chosen Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

This is a Destiny 2 walkthrough for Mission 16 Chosen. This is the final mission in-game, and this article includes a walkthrough and boss guide.

Mission 16 Chosen

mission 16 chosen

Rendezvous with the Vanguard

  1. You land on a high tower in the Peregrine District. Keep dropping down until you reach the street area, and the work your way up the road, mowing down legionaries as you go. There are Phalanx troops and an Honored Centurion waiting for you near one of the downed red buildings, however, which should prompt you to be prepared.
  2. Wait for the shield to go down and enter the red building. Inside the facility, plow through the phalanges and try to take out as much enemies as you can while waiting for the barrier to be disrupted. Afterwards, run immediately into the next area–the Market Courtyard.
  3. In this next area you’ll find some gladiators and some psions. Take them all out and keep heading towards next area–the Systems Deck.
  4. Sprint across the rooftops until you get to the third small platform. Using that platform, jump towards the balcony. From the balcony, jump to the next platform and turn right.  Jump up to the ledge with the ladder. From there, jump towards an adjacent building with what seems to be trellises and lots of curtains, as if decorated for a festival. Take out the phalanx troops and other enemies in the area.
  5. Your next stop will be a building with a massive signboard, jump towards it and enter the building. You’ll meet up with the team here.

Save the Traveler

  1. In the war beast chamber, take out the war beasts (or don’t–you can actually sneak past them) and head towards the maintenance doorway.
  2. In the Quarterdeck, take the path to the Cargo Bay, killing the Psions and phalanges in the area. Once you’ve taken them out, head for the elevator.
  3. On the next floor, you’ll come so close to the Traveler itself. Ghaul presents himself, and you’ll have a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Dominus Ghaul

  • Your fight with Ghaul will be out in the open, with a clear shot at his head. As much as you can, aim for headshots until he’s annoyed and floats too far. Your goal here is to take out a massive chunk of Ghaul’s health.
  • Ghaul will be able to attack you from afar with a grenade launcher, or his foot stomp when you get too near. You should keep your distance, aiming everything you have at his head–even your Super, which will be incredibly helpful in this battle.
  • Ghaul eventually retreats and covers himself in purple and rubble.  In this part of the match you’ll have to eliminate the Cabal he sends after you. Take advantage of the Column of Boundless Light to recharge all your abilities. Once Ghaul steps out, he’ll fire at you with his grenade launcher. Use your Super to deal as much damage as you can, recharging from the Column when possible.
  • Here’s where the fun begins. Ghaul retreats again once you’ve taken a massive chunk of his health, so you should annihilate the Cabal immediately. Now with new powers unlocked via the Traveler’s Light, Ghaul will start using these offensives on you. Jump up to dodge these attacks and use the tunnels in the boss area for cover. Again, use the same offensive strategy of aiming for his head with a Super until Ghaul’s in-game health is depleted.
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