Destiny 2 - Exodus Crash Mission Guide: Tips and Tricks

In this article, we will talk about what to do in the Exodus Crash Mission, a Post-game Strike Mission for solo or fireteams.

Exodus Crash Mission

The Exodus Crash mission is a strike mission that packs a really tough boss. Make sure that before you start this playthrough when you’re already at a good power and character level. Majority of these enemies have more mechanics such as the Servitor and the Walker. However, this all boils down to your ability to prioritize enemies and take them down. We recommend bringing your best weapons and, if possible, a fireteam, when playing Exodus Crash Mission.

exodus crash mission

Tips and Tricks

  • Fight at Range.
    • There are some enemies capable of detonating here. These enemies are known as Fanatics which can explode into a static field.
  • Keep a close eye on your teammates.
    • Someone is bound to die especially with the enemies self-destructing and such.
  • Prioritize.
    • There’s a particular enemy known as a Servitor that grants immunity to all its allies. Kill it to have your chance in dealing damage.
    • There are also enemies that are quite hefty such as the Hydra which can be quite annoying to manage with Fanatics. This is where you’ll have to either split your team or focus one or the other.
    • Shanks have an AoE attack which coats the floor with electricity. Take them out whenever you see one to lessen the incoming damage.

Exodus Crash Mission Walkthrough

Reach the Transmitter Chamber

  1. Upon landing, there’s a big bunch of enemies crawling around the area. Quickly and methodically pick them off as there’s the Fanatic which explodes upon death. When you finish mopping up that area, check the pillars of light downhill.
    • If you find a vehicle known as the Sparrow, this should clean up a whole lot faster.
  2. You’ll notice that as you proceed through the area that there are more creatures. These creatures include Vandals, Minotaurs, and Shanks. A personal suggestion would be taking out the Shanks due to their AoE attacks. Along the area, you’ll also find some Goblins and a Captain lying in wait.
  3. Keep looking for Arc Pulses as you progres. Arc Pulses glow with a blue light near the Sky Box, making it easy to find them.
  4. Eventually, once you exhaust all the Arc Pulses, the Fallen will spawn. Take them out as quickly as you can.

Transmitter Chamber

  1. After that, make your way towards the Exodus Black Aft. Progress through the corridors and hallways, heading up to Analyze the Fallen device. 
  2. Have one of your ghosts to analyze the device while you take out the enemies coming after you.  This fight against the fallen will be a difficult one, definitely. Once your ghost has collected enough, you can pass through the massive wall of energy.
    • This is where the Servitor appear. While they don’t appear as a threat offensively, they do boost their allies and prevent them from taking damage.
  3. You are now instructed to Reach the Exodus Black’s Aft. You are again instructed in this new area to track the Fallen through Arc Pulses. Collect the arc pulses but watch out for the Hydra in the area.

Defeat the Walker

  1. Keep heading towards the back aft until you reach the Glade of Echoes. Destroy the high-level enemies here as you fight the Fallen Walker. The Fallen Walker is the mini-boss for the Exodus Crash mission.
    • The Walker’s weakpoints are at the legs. Keep shooting at them until an orange spot appears.
    • He’ll have a couple of Shanks with him but if you take out the Walker first then, the shanks will be no problem.
  2. This enemy can easily be taken out if you use the Sparrows in the area. Use the Sparrow’s cannons to destroy its neck area. Once you take out the Walker, head into the Black Aft.
  3. Head down to the restricted zone. A company of low-level enemies will attack you. Head up the platforms as you destroy the flying enemies around you.  Enter the next chamber with the electric floor b dropping down. Here you are instructed to Clear the Area. 
  4. Upon clearing the area, you will now encounter Thaviks, the DepravedHe marks the final part of the Exodus Crash mission.
  5. After defeating him, you will have completed the Exodus Crash mission!

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