Destiny 2 - Taken Blight Heroic Public Event Guide

This page contains a guide on the Taken Blight Heroic Public Event - Defeat the Blightmaker, including objectives, and how to trigger it in the game.

Destiny 2 Taken Blight Guide

The Destiny 2 Taken Blight Public Event is a straightforward mission that involves the player destroying the Taken Blight. There is a certain mechanic players must know to damage the Taken Blight, as hinted by the smaller blights that surround it during the mission.

Kill Taken to sting the Blight

With a Fireteam, this Public Event (and its Heroic Public Event extension) is fairly simple to complete. When the Public Event begins, a big round black mass (the Taken Blight) will appear in the area. When you see the big Blight, look for the smaller blights around it and place yourself in them to initiate the Blight Receding status which will allow you to damage the Taken Blight for four (4) seconds. When you’ve used up the Blight Receding timer, simply step out of the smaller blight and re-enter it to damage the Blight again.

Heroic Public Event Conditions: Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the Taken Blight (enough for it to explode), you will be able to trigger the Heroic Public Event.

Defeat the Blightmaker

The Blightmaker is a powerful boss creature that can perform an area-of-effect attack which will deal high damage if you are too close. As with most bosses, it is recommended to shoot the Blightmaker in the head quickly deplete his health. The Blightmaker can also fire a dark blight orb that is very easy to avoid as it travels slow towards the target. Guardians such as the Arcstrider can unleash melee supers on the Blightmaker, preventing it from retaliating when being attacked.

Note that there will also be a Cabal Centurion (Glomus the Severing Slash) roaming around, as well as some Taken Psions. Because of this, it is important to stay mobile at all times to avoid taken too much damage.

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