Destiny 2 - End-Game Power Leveling Guide

This page contains the End-Game Power Leveling Guide for Destiny 2. It includes a guide for Guardians at Power levels 260, and 265~270.

Destiny 2 End-Game Power Leveling Guide

After exhausting the recommended areas during the Early Game General Leveling Guide to earn Decoherent and Legendary Engrams, the Guardian will finally reach the baseline Power Level of 260.

This means that Rare gears start to function less effectively, thus Guardians should start farming Legendary gears. As opposed to Rare gears which cap at Power level 260, Legendary gears cap at approximately 265~270.

The following will be subdivided according to Power Level Ranges namely: reaching 260, and 265.

Starting at Power level 260

After graduating from Rare gears, Guardians ought to hunt for Legendary Gears. Take part in adventures to loot Tokens and Planetary Materials and surrender them in exchange for Legendary gears. Rinse and repeat until your Guardian attains Power level 265.

Surpassing Power level 265

Upon reaching Power level 265, prioritize Milestones that occur weekly, as well as Exotic Quests. Weekly Milestones are time-bound and include PvE and PvP activities whereby clearing them rewards the Guardian with the specific Reward of the Week. Once they are finished, these require a new week to roll over to refresh the Activities list.

To get started, these are the following Weekly Milestones:

Banshee-44’s Shop

By the time the Guardian attains a Character level of 38, speak to Gunsmith Banshee-44 located in the Tower at The City to run the field test weapons. Field test weapons vary from defeating Cabal soldiers to attaining precision kills in PvP. Upon meeting the conditions, the Guardian will receive the reputation Gunsmith.

By getting Rank 1 Gunsmith reputation, the Guardian can avail of Legendary weapons. Field Test Weapons and Legendary weapon orders will renew each Armsday (Wednesdays, 2 AM PDT). Order count will depend on the Guardian’s Rank, for instance rank 1 Guardians can only avail of 1 order.

Guardians can also purchase or exchange for Mods to raise the gear’s Power level from Banshee-44. He offers an option to sell a random mod which costs 2500 glimmer, he also accepts Multiple Rare Mods and in exchange he will give you a Legendary Mod.

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