Destiny 2 - Protheon Modular Mind Boss Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

This article contains tips, tricks, and strategies on how to kill Protheon, Modular Mind. Protheon is a boss that appears in the Inverted Spire mission.

Protheon Modular Mind

Protheon is a boss that appears at the end of the Inverted Spire Strike Mission. He’s quite tricky unlike most bosses that appear in the mission storyline of Destiny 2. Unlike the others, he has an AoE attack which can quickly end your mission in a single hit. He also has multiple minions known as Goblins accompanying him to help put an end to you and your team. However, just like any other boss, he has a weakness.

Protheon Modular Mind Boss Fight

Protheon Modular Mind - Inverted Spire Boss
Source: Youtube Channel – Boss Fight Database
  1. If you see Goblins littered around Protheon, kill them immediately.
    • Headshot or grenade will do. Having the Goblins around will force you to split your attention which may spell your death.
  2. Harpies will be around to annoy you mid-fight. To deal with them, have at least one member clean up after the Harpies. Or, you can have two members clean the Harpies while one takes out the boss.
    • However, if you’re running the battle solo, grenade the harpies and take them out. You can also choose to headshot them.
  3. Protheon can teleport to and fro around the battle field. Keep track as he can deal highly devastating attacks that can end the mission.
    • His health bar seems to slightly replenish every time he teleports.
    • Deal as much damage as you can to keep the bar going down consistently.
  4. Take note of what colour Protheon is.
    • The colour on his armor reflects what element he’ll be using. Use an element that’s not the same as his armor colour.
  5. Protheon has two AoE attacks.
    • The moment he looks like he’s going to slam the floor, jump to the side. Jumping to the side will save you from the blanket of fire that covers the floor.
      • The blanket of fire rapidly eats away a guardian’s health so jump around quickly.
    • The other AoE attack has a charge time of at least 2 seconds. He starts crackling with blue lightning before letting out a large explosion.
      • Whatever you do, do not stay in range of that explosion. The moment you do, you die.
  6. Protheon has three phases. Once his life hits at least 10~15%, he’ll become more aggressive and deal more damage.
    • At the last phase, he becomes increasingly more devastating. Kite around and rotate.
    • If any of your fellow guardians are dead, revive them slowly. Or, if you have a guardian companion that can pull the aggro, that’s okay while you focus on reviving your downed ally.
  7. Don’t lose your patience.
    • This boss fight is really long but the moment you lose your cool, he’ll deal heavy damage to you.

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