Dawnblade: Destiny 2 Job Subclass Strategy and Tips Guide

This page contains information on the Dawnblade's skills, talents, strategy, and builds. We'll update this as soon as we get the game.


The Dawnblade Subclass is a subclass for the Warlock class. On first appearance, they appear as a replacement for Destiny’s Sunsinger. Instead of the usual defensive and crowd control abilities, the Dawnblade wields a sword and goes more on an offensive. While the Dawnblade loses their ability to resurrect, they gain the ability to confront enemies in melee combat. They abandon their wielding of guns and their supportive abilities in order to aid their allies in the front lines.


The Dawnblade is a sub-class of the Warlock class that focuses more on melee than ranged. They wield beams of light and the heat that emits from them in order to smite their enemies. However, the play style of this class requires the player to truly dive into the fray. They are the ones to sweep for stragglers in an arena, peeling away the most important players from the opposing team. They also appear to be burst-based, leaving them open for an attack after bursting down one of the enemies.

One thing to note about the Dawnblade is that it appears to be a class that requires the player to be somewhat slippery. Their inability to buff and sustain themselves unlike before is a trade off for their higher offensive capabilities.

How to Unlock Dawnblade

  1. After getting kicked from the Tower, your Guardian now has no light.
  2. Look for light and you’ll come across a Shard of the Traveler.
  3. Interact with it to unlock the Dawnblade.

Base Skills

The Dawnblade class still retains its abilities from the Warlock class. This is usually the one for their partially supportive role and also can be an offensive ability. Players, as a Dawnblade, can lure enemies into the Empowering Rift in order for their allies to focus down their enemies. They also can use Healing Rift as a means of sustain for them to buy their allies time.

  • Healing Rift
    Creates a circle of light that gradually heals allies as long as they’re within the circle.
  • Empowering Rift
    Similar to Healing Rift, however, this instead grants an attack boost to allies.

Dawnblade Specific Skills

  • Super: Daybreak – Press L1+R1/ LB+RB: This allows the player to weave Solar Light into blades and smite your foes from the skies.
  • Grenades:
    Solar Grenade – This grenade creates a solar flare that encloses the enemies in a circle, allowing players to deal damage to multiple targets even on melee. Players can use this in combination to Fusion Grenade to increase the accuracy of the skill.
    Firebolt grenade – A grenade that explodes and inflicts damage.
    Fusion Grenade – An explosive grenade; however, if the grenade attaches to the target, there is additional bonus damage.
  • Glide
    Strafe Glide – Jump while airborne to activate Glide. Once up in the air, use the directionals to move.
    Burst Glide – Activate Glide and then quickly activate the burst of speed to create a “dash-like” effect. This particular skill can serve as one of the player’s means to dodge.
    Balanced Glide – Activate Glide before controlling a certain amount speed with directionals.


Attunement of Sky

  • Swift Strike – Melee strike the enemy to inflict burn and to temporarily boost speed and reload speed.
  • Icarus Dash – Press O, O or B, B while mid-air to dodge.
  • Heat Rises – Players must constantly be airborne to make the most of this skill. If the player performs airborne kills then, the player recharges grenade and melee energy. Using Daybreak instantly replenishes the ability energy.
  • Winged Sun – Engage your enemies mid-flight. Fire weapons and throw grenades while gliding.

Attunement of Fire

  • Igniting Touch – Melee strike the enemy to burn them and also cause them to explode upon death. This works similarly to Sylvana’s Unstable Poison for her Black Arrows in Heroes of the Storm except this may also work on players.
  • Fated for the Flame – Daybreak projectiles actively seek out their targets. Upon impact, they explode into flames and attack enemies within the vicinity of the target.
  • Everlasting Fire – Killing an enemy increases Daybreak’s duration.
  • Phoenix Dive – Hold O/ B while in mid-air to descend quickly and restore health. Should Daybreak be active, Descend will deal devastating damage within a small area.


Attunement of Fire Versatile Build


Kinetic Weapon Power Weapon Heavy Weapon
 Better Devils Risk Runner Acantha-D

Armor Set-Up

Armor Type Armor Name
Helmet  TBA
Chest  TBA
Gauntlet  TBA
Greaves  TBA
Magic  TBA

Assigned Skills:

  • Base Skill: Healing Rift
  • Glide Skill: Strafe Glide
  • Grenade: Firebolt Grenade


  • Healing Rift works well in skirmishes especially if the player stays on top of it. With that, the player can outlast other players while shooting them down.
  • Strafe Glide doesn’t make you an open target. While Burst Glide can send you moving faster, it may throw you into enemy territory. This accident is commonly known as “over-extending” which often results into the player’s death.
  • Fire Bolt Grenade adds damage for the player instead of completely focusing on support. However, the player can also opt for Solar Grenade for more team-fight capacity.


  • Incapable of fighting team fights.
  • Gunslingers with perfect accuracy.
  • Titans with well timed barriers.

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 Hunter Warlock Titan

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