Destiny 2 - Engrams Guide

This page contains a guide on Destiny 2 Engrams, including Engram types, rarity and ways on how to obtain them in the game.

Engrams Guide

Weapons, armor and other items in Destiny 2 are obtained through decoding objects known as Engrams. These items have existed since the first Destiny game and have varying rarities depending on the gear acquired. Exotic Destiny 2 Engrams are currently the rarest and hardest to obtain in the game, so it is worth noting where they drop and how to farm them to have the best gear in the game.

Below is a summary of all types of Destiny 2 Engrams, as well as the ways to obtain them in the game. Note their color code as they appear to easily identify their rarity.

Regular Engrams (Random Enemy Drops)

Engram Type Rarity How to Obtain
Encoded (White) Common Enemy drop (only until level 10)
Encrypted (Green) Uncommon Enemy drop (only until level 5)
Decoherent (Blue) Rare Enemy drop (only past level 10)
Legendary (Purple) Purple Enemy drop (only past level 20)
Exotic (Yellow) Yellow Enemy drop (only past level 20)

Location Engrams

Engram Type Rarity How to Obtain
EDZ  (Purple) Legendary Exchange with EDZ Tokens and Dusklight Shards (Devrim Kay)
Arcology (Purple) Legendary Exchange with Arcology Tokens, Alkane Dust and Alkane Spores (Sloane)
Nessus (Purple) Legendary Exchange with Nessus Tokens, Microphasic Datalattices and Quantized Datalattices (Failsafe)
Io (Purple) Legendary Exchange with Io Tokens, Phaseglass Needles and Phaseglass Spires (Asher Mir)

Game Modes (Online) Engrams

Engram Type Rarity How to Obtain
Crucible  (Purple) Legendary Exchange with Crucible Tokens for Lord Shaxx (finish Crucible Matches and challenges)
Vanguard Tactician (Purple) Legendary Exchange with Vanguard Tactician Tokens for Commander Zavala (finish Strikes and challenges)

Other Engrams

Engram Type Rarity How to Obtain
Gunsmith (Purple) Legendary Exchange with Gunsmith Materials (Arcite 99-40 or Banshee-44)
Vanguard Research (Purple) Legendary Exchange with Vanguard Research Tokens for Ikora Rey (finish Meditations)
Bright (White) Legendary Level up after reaching level 20. Purchasable (Tess Everis)
Prestigious (White) Legendary Finish weekly Flashpoints (Cayde-6)

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