Destiny 2 Vostok PvP Guides: Tips and Tricks

This article contains tips, tricks, and strategies on how to use the Destiny 2 Vostok map at your advantage. We'll update this soon.

Destiny 2 Vostok

Destiny 2 Vostok is the new, reworked map of the Iron Temple which was in Destiny 1. For this particular map, players – especially the veterans – will recognize the snowy peaks of Felwinter Peak. Destiny 2 Vostok is probably the most unique due to its winter-like theme and also for its incredibly large area. Unlike Midtown and Endless Vale, Vostok is a sniper-friendly map which mixes also sneaky flanking routes. While we only have some information to work with, we’ll soon release better strategies especially for different classes.

Destiny 2 Vostok is definitely another Easter Egg for Destiny Veterans. For those who are looking for a nostalgia trip, Destiny 2’s Vostok is just the map for you.

Control Mode in Vostok

Similar to Endless Vale, Vostok also allows control mode. However, unlike Endless Vale, there are more places to hide and flank. The large map also makes certain points harder to reach. And the harder they are to reach, the more risky they actually are to go after. Also, there’s another catch: players can actually fall down in this particular map. So, to prevent that from happening, here are some tips:

Although it’s still a little basic, we’ll update this in the very near future.

Tips and Tricks

  • Watch where you’re stepping.
    • This place is full of cliffs. One misstep and a sniper shot can knock you off the ledge.
  • Survival beats kills.
    • You can kill as many players as you want. But if you can’t even hold the point then, what’s the use? The objective of the game is to capture the point. Not go on a mindless slaughter.
    • As the map is quite wide, it’s harder for the enemy team to wrestle back control of the point unless they have a better strategy.
  • Stay versatile in all ranges.
    • This means you need both a short range weapon and a long range weapon.
      • The long range weapon gives you advantages in the creeks and tiny crevices for you to pick off people one at a time.
      • Short range weapons allow skirmishing.
      • If you have a grenade launcher, it may work but be prepared to miss.
  • Stay on point.
    • The reason for putting this in bold is to emphasize that you should not leave your point undefended.
      • It’s incredibly hard to recapture it if the enemy manages to decap it.
      • Better to stay on for more consistent points.
      • The other points are simply too far and it’s not worth it.
    • If you’re a Titan, this is your shining moment. Use the barriers to keep them busy while your teammates pick them off one by one.
  • Don’t use the main paths.
    • The opposing team may have figured out and monopolized the paths. They’ll slaughter you the moment you stick your nose out.
  • Coordinate with the team. Some points are not worth fighting for if the other team has a better composition.

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