Destiny 2 - Savathuns Song Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Savathuns Song is a strike mission with loads of mechanics that require players to be organized and coordinate with one another in Destiny 2.

Savathuns Song

Savathuns Song is another strike mission where players find themselves venturing deep into the depths of Titan. Apparently, someone’s been pulling the strings of the Hive. Players must battle through the Arboretum, battle through mobs and creatures, shatter crystals, and finally reach the Shrieker at the end of Savathuns Song.

Savathuns Song requires heavy coordination and role knowledge. It’s like a raid only slightly shorter than most raids.

savathuns song

Tips and Tricks

  • Watch out where you step.
    • There are Hive traps littered around the place. You might want to watch where you’re stepping unless you want to either get stunned or take in damage. In a place littered with mobs, that’s a bad thing.
  • Bring an SMG or an Auto-Rifle
    • This will help against the incoming Thrall and the Wizard. Especially since you’ll be forced to fight close range, you may as well bring one with you.
    • The Savathuns Song mission will have many instances where you’ll have to fight hordes. Best you bring a weapon capable of close-range combat.
  • Coordinate with your teammates.
    • Unlike other strike missions, this particular one requires coordination with your Fireteam. These mechanics often involve jumping and placing things in a receptacle while the other two draw aggro.

Walkthrough for Savathun’s Song

Defeat the Ogre

  • Watch out for the Hive Traps while walking around. Savathuns Song is loaded with traps.
  • Cross over the bridge and towards the chamber with a broken LED Wall panel. Take on the group of Acolytes. Move through the gap into the open lobby then turn left and face off against more Hive. Take them out, but be wary of the glowing Hive traps that are around the area.
  • While Ghost deals with the console, defend him by taking out the incoming Thrall. However, take note of the Wizard leading them. Focus that one first before killing the rest.
  • The moment the door opens, more Thrall will come in. Kill them with a headshot or even a grenade. Whatever works will do.
  • Once you step into the next chamber, there’s an ogre. Throw a grenade if you haven’t used it yet or headshot it. With that, the Ogre shouldn’t be a problem and you’ll be able to move on to the next area.

Stop the Void Ritual

  • This is one of the distinguishing mechanics for Savathuns Song.
  • Kill the acolytes while navigating through the Hive Traps. After that, head to the pink entrance corridor into the main hall. Make a left then and send the “tankiest member” of your team. Also, this tanky player must also be nimble enough to navigate through the stairs.
    • Whoever you select will be the one to grab the Void Charge and place it into the Receptacle. This is the linchpin of the plan as it renders the Shrieker vulnerable.
  • Don’t activate your Supers here. You’ll need them later. Just focus down the Shrieker here.
  • Once done, drop down into the pit leading to the next room. Scan then the object in the middle of the Hive Nest.
  • Next, head to the side chamber where you’ll find yourself in a pit. Kill the acolytes and the knight before taking out the six shining crystals in the cave. Once down, a Hive Cave will be accessible to you.
  • Once you enter, there are some Ogres that need taking out. Defeat them and then the Knights and then the Acolytes. Wizards will occasionally appear but if they do, take them out. If you’re too lazy to aim, just power through them with a Super.
  • After that, enter another cave where there are six more Hive crystals. Shatter them and you’ll have an entrance to the upper mezzanine. With that, halt the Void Ritual again using the same method of transferring the void charge.

Head to the Chasm of Screams

  • When you reach the chasm, duck around and hide behind the walls. Kill the nearest enemies – be it Acolyte or Knight. Any reduction in numbers is a good thing for you.
  • Proceed to the mezzanine while dancing around the Hive traps before making your way to the summoning ritual. Have one take out the summoners and then the other one can kill the knights and acolytes.
  • Head to the lower mezzanine and stop the Void Ritual again.
    • You can use the white columns and planters so you’re less prone to getting riddled with bullets.
  • One can blow their Super on the Ogre and the other one to burn it on the incoming Shriekers.
  • When you’re done, head down the hallway and jump into the pit. Kill the two Wizards before dropping into the Chasm of Screams and dealing with the final boss of Savathuns Song: the Dark Heart.

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