Destiny 2 Sunbreaker: Subclass Guides, Grenade Abilities and Others

This article contains information about the Destiny 2 Sunbreaker Titan Guides and Strategies that includes its super abilities, grenade abilities and more!

Sunbreaker Subclass Guide & Strategies

The Sunbreaker Guardian is part of the Titan subclass that can summon flaming hammers to kill its foes and deal massive amounts of AOE damage. Their abilities mostly include explosions and movement speed bonuses allowing your allies to gain speed and mobility. Sunbreakers are also very tanky since it restores health when it kills enemies with its solar abilities. Overall, sunbreakers are the split between the two titans that focus on either attack or defense.

It is important to take note that you can both attack and sustain at the same time by having the ability to restore your health when you successfully kill an enemy with your solar ability. This means that you can harass the enemy and even lunge head on. Be careful not to get caught on too much trouble since you do not regenerate that fast!

Destiny 2 Sunbreaker

Super Ability: Hammer of Sol

  • L1/LB + R1/RB – summons a flaming hammer that you can use to throw and damage enemies from a distance.

Code of the Fire-Forged

  • Hammer Strike – unleashes a blazing hammer strike when your guardian is sprinting.
  • Tempered Metal – grants you and nearby allies bonus movement speed and reloading when you kill an enemy with any solar ability.
  • Battle-Forged – explodes enemies struck by the Hammer of Sol.
  • Vulcan’s Rage – Allows the Hammer of Sol to explode upon impact.

Code of the Siegebreaker

  • Mortar Blast – when activated, causes enemies to explode and emit fire causing others to burn.
  • Sun Warrior – restores player health with enemies killed with Solar abilities.
  • Rings of Fire – charges Solar abilities faster and prolongs the duration of your Hammer of Sol.
  • Solar Siege – Hammer of Sol creates sunspots on where it struck.

Grenade Abilities

  • Thermite – sends a line of fire in your target direction
  • Fusion – causes bonus damage when you successfully attach it to an enemy
  • Incendiary – sets enemies on fire dealing damage over time
 Striker Sentinel Sunbreaker

Other Job Classes

Job Classes
 Hunter Warlock Titan

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