Destiny 2 - How To Farm for Exotic Engrams: Tips and Tricks

Exotic Engrams are weapons/armor/items that drop in Destiny 2. However, they have a despairingly low drop rate and can take ages to farm.

Exotic Engrams

Exotic Engrams are a pain to find. However, they can be quite rewarding when you find one. Exotic Engrams are like items that need an Appraiser. This system is quite similar to that of Shining Tears when players find “mysterious items” oftentimes marked with a “?”. While players can decode lower level Engrams, the Exotic Engrams are sent to The Tower. After that, the player can claim the Exotic Engram the moment they finish the mission.

Like all Exotic or Legendary level gear, they have a dreadfully low RNG rate. However, like all Exotic and Legendary gear in MMORPGs, their drop rate increases as the difficulty of the stage increases. Here are some places as to where you can farm Exotic Engrams.

Places to Farm Exotic Engrams

Nightfall Strikes

  • Second only to Raids in Destiny 2, Nightfall Strikes have increased difficulty and change weekly. As an event Strike Mission, drop rates are much higher in Nightfall Strikes.
  • Nightfall Strikes are best run with three people unless you have robotic-like reflexes that will save your life.
  • Players can also opt to use three different characters to run the Nightfall Strikes. In doing so, players can run Nightfall Strikes three times a week which increase the chances of you gaining Exotic Engrams.

Public Events

  • Not only does it help you in changing your job class but, it also has a high drop rate of Exotic Engrams.
  • Public Events occur in all planets though the easiest ones to farm are the ones in Titan and Nessus.
  • Certain Public Events can be triggered by the characters. They also have a certain pathway making it easier to farm.


  • As unfortunately salty as it is, players find the best rates here in the PvP. Why? The difficulty level here is quite flexible. You’re dealing with teammates who probably have no idea what they’re doing or they’re extremely good. Or, you’re fight against a team that can mop the floor with you.
  • If you want to know how Crucible works, you can check our guide here.

Other Possible Places

  • Story Campaign – some exotic engrams are a guaranteed drop there.
  • Xur – Every two weeks, players can give him Legendary Shards to buy items.

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