Destiny 2 - Unlockable Post-Story Modes

Once you've finished the story campaign of Destiny 2, there are lots of reasons for you to stay. In this article we will talk about these post-game modes.

Destiny 2 Post-Story Modes

So…you’ve saved the Traveler, defeated Ghaul in a poor boss fight, and gathered the sweet, sweet loot at the end of a harrowing final story quest. Don’t quit Destiny 2 just yet, because there’s a lot more where that came from!

Destiny 2  offers a lot more than just story missions. Here are the new content you can enjoy once you finish the main storyline:

  1. The Tower is an unlockable hub area for you to explore once you finish the game. This area has a Bazaar, Courtyard, and a Hangar. This is the closest hub area to the Traveler, which you can see hovering up above you.
  2. You will also enjoy the benefits of riding a Sparrow. You will get a Sparrow for free once you finish the final story mission.
  3. Meditation allows you to replay story campaign missions, which reward you with Vanguard Research Tokens that allow you to obtain rewards from Ikora Ray. This can be unlocked once you finish.
  4. Unlock Competitive Crucible, which requires high-intensity 4v4 matches. This mode disables level advantages, and you can find Rare and Legendary gear from playing these modes.
  5. Commander Zavalla will reward you for completing  Strike missions with Vanguard Tactician Tokens. You don’t have to do anything but to finish the Strike missions themselves to obtain Vanguard Tactician Tokens.
  6. Ikora Rey, on the other hand, will give you Challenges to complete.
  7. Exotic Quests will appear on your map. Look for blue banners and white crowns on your map. These will merit you good weaponry for you. Up to and including exotics like
  8. Cayde-6 will start selling you Treasure Maps. This is a kind of game mode that challenges you to look for treasure in a specific location, for great loot.
  9. The Curse of Osiris and other future DLC will be playable once you’ve completed the campaign.

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