Destiny 2 - Crucible: Survival Tips and Tricks

This page contains all the tips and tricks you will need in order for you to gain an advantage and knowledge in playing the Destiny 2 Crucible Survival.

Destiny 2 Crucible Survival

Destiny 2 Crucible Survival says what it is, you only have three lives and getting killed thrice will result to permanent death. Survival of the best is what this game mode is all about as you will need to keep your lives in check. Just remember that it does not only apply to you, but to your enemies as well. So dominating them early on in Destiny 2 Crucible Survival and slowly whittling away their lives will make them more defensive in the long run.

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Power Ammo

All game types of Crucible have Power Ammo that are located on both sides of the team and one at a neutral location. Procuring these power ammo will prove to be very helpful later on in the game. The neutral power ammo can be taken after 20 seconds since the game has started. Once either of the team takes the neutral power ammo, it will no longer respawn and such you must immediately take it as it will provide an advantage for your team.

The non-neutral Power Ammo that can be found on both sides of the team respawn every 90 seconds. But these can be taken again after 90 seconds of when you took it unlike the neutral Power Ammo.

Tips and Tricks

As it is a match to the death, you will need to play effectively with your team. Just by killing them and pressuring them will give you the advantage as they will play more defensively and even very protective of their lives. But this doesn’t always mean you get the advantage, you might get very disadvantageous in this position as well because of your enemies’ careful teamplay as they are bearing in mind their own lives as well.

Alternatively though, you also can do the same when you have more lives than the enemy as they will force themselves to make a kill and catch up. Just don’t get caught in this offensive as this is what they are aiming for.

These are just tips and tricks to help you with playing Destiny 2 Crucible Survival, but all of the gameplay is up to you. Be dynamic about your gameplay and familiarize the game to secure your wins.


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