Destiny 2 - Dominus Ghaul Boss Guide: Destiny 2 Tips and Strategies

This page contains everything you need to know about the strategy, tips and tricks in Destiny 2 Boss Guide: Defeating Dominus Ghaul.

Defeating Dominus Ghaul

Your ship will be knocked down and land on the Peregrine District where you will encounter several troops from the Red Legion. Dominus Ghaul will lie in wait above the spaceship with a lot of troops beside him. He will be carrying a sword that he can throw . You can charge your Super bar at the boundless light platfrom so keep that in mind as well.
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  1. You will be fighting Dominus Ghaul out in the open, who is accompanied by several of his troops. Shoot him until a third of his HP is taken out. Once you successfully do this, he will become immune to your bullets for a while until he recovers and sap out more power.
  2. It’s best to avoid shooting him until he goes in again as he will be immune to your every attack including your super. Once he comes back, you can now shoot back and even attack him with your super once more. He will be able to go through different Super abilities as well.
  3. Be careful when you approach him though as he can stomp at you and deal damage. Keep your distance when you are attacking him with your gun.
  4. Every time you deplete a third of his health, he will go back and charge himself once more.
  5. Remember to kill his troops when he is busy charging up as he will not come out until you do so. He will be floating in the majority of the game so you need to actually jump to be able to hit him with your melee.
  6. He will become immune at times so once he does go immune, try to finish of some of his troops to lessen the damage output you take from them.
  7. Once you successfully take out Dominus Ghaul, a cutscene will appear marking the end of the game as you have defeated the final boss of the game, Destiny 2.

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