Destiny 2 - Reach Level 20 Easily: Tips and Tricks

This page contains the Tips and Tricks: Reach Level 20 Easily for Destiny 2. It includes the steps on how to maximize the Character Level Cap.

Destiny 2 Reach Level 20 Easily: Tips and Tricks

Finish the Campaign Missions

Nothing can be as simple as finishing the Campaign Missions to boost your Character’s level. As you complete the last mission, you will instantly be transported to a post-story location. Partake of the hub Area short assignment which entails speaking to various NPCs. Once you finish, it will instantly raise your level to 20 regardless of your current level.

Leveling Tips

To assist in building your Character’s levels, below is a breakdown of various methods to employ:

Story Missions is a Priority

Before checking out the other Activities across worlds, be sure to focus on the Campaign Missions first to maximize your Character’s Experience.

Avoid Campaign Enemies if you can

As mentioned above, focus on the Mission. The Campaign objectives are more important than the enemies you bump into along the way. Finish the Mission swiftly if you can afford to as the reward outweighs the grind to get through. For your efforts, you will even receive gears.

Take note of certain levels

At some point you would need to reach certain levels (6/ 11/ 15) to access locked Worlds and Missions leading to an inevitable grind but this does not mean you have to deal deal with the Campaign enemies. A great workaround is to partake of Adventures which shoulder significant amounts of rewards.

The More, the Merrier

Spread the news across your fellow Guardians, each helping hand counts in finishing Missions even faster. To play co-op you must finish the Spark Mission then report back to the Farm and assemble the team there.

Be Competitive

Similar to the Perks of having Friends, competing and earning rivals is equally beneficial to gain a substantial amount of Experience. Consider partaking of Call to Arms on the side to obtain a trophy and raise your reputation.

Quest for Power (Level)

After reaching the Character level Cap of 20, the growth stops there. However, Guardians must now seek to augment their Power (Light) Levels to improve even further.

Click here to see the Early-Game Power Leveling Guide.

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