Destiny 2 - Stormcaller: Job Subclass Strategy and Tips Guide

The Stormcaller is the third subclass in Destiny 2 under the Warlock. They are masters of arc magic with special heavy damaging perks.


Unlike the Dawnblade and the Voidwalker, the Stormcaller is the third sub-class that wields Arc-based powers. In battle, the Stormcaller wields chains of lightning that can tear through several incoming enemies. They are capable of unleashing torrents of attacks. This appears to be a faster version of the Dawnblade and Voidwalker as they need to kite. The Stormcaller looks like the marriage between the Arcstrider and a Warlock. While it inherits the speed of the Arcstrider, it is capable of shooting bolts similarly to that of a Warlock.


Between all three sub-classes, the Stormcaller is probably what people would call the “burst” class. Their perks focus on bringing out the most in their damage: be it range or damage. They are also capable of amplifying the damage of their allies such as using the perk Arc Soul. Any ally within a Healing Rift or an Empowering Rift soon becomes capable of using Arc Soul for a short time. This works well with players who are reliant on grenades in which they can quickly chain that perk with Arc Web to deal extra damage especially those suffering already from the Arc damage.

How to unlock Stormcaller

  1. Reach level 15.
  2. Enter Patrol Mode and perform Public Events. These will grant you chests.
  3. One of the chests will then grant you a Warlock Talisman. It will then appear next to your Warlock Subclasses.
  4. Complete Public Events and kill enemies to fill up the bar.
  5. Once you reach 100%, you unlock a Mission at the Shard of the Traveler, north of EDZ on Earth.
  6. Load the Mission from the Director and complete it to unlock the subclass.

Base Skills

The Stormcaller class still retains its abilities from the Warlock class. This is usually the one for their partially supportive role and also can be an offensive ability. Players, as a Stormcaller, can create these rifts to spam Arc Soul on their allies, granting them also increased damage if fighting on Empowering Rift. They also can use Healing Rift as a means of sustain for themselves to buy their allies time while attacking with Arc Soul.

  • Healing Rift
    Creates a circle of light that gradually heals allies as long as they’re within the circle.
  • Empowering Rift
    Similar to Healing Rift, however, this instead grants an attack boost to allies.

Dawnblade Specific Skills

  • Super: Storm Trance – Press L1+R1/ LB+RB: Players who utilize Storm Trance will float up into the air, letting electro-polarity create a field for you. As you float up, you’ll be able to shoot lightning at enemies.
  • Grenades:
    Arcbolt Grenade – An arc-based grenade that chains damage to enemies. Deals extra damage to Vex Goblins.
    Pulse Grenade – A grenade that creates a field and deals damage per every pulse within the field.
    Storm Grenade – Produces a lightning-based bomb. This can chain with Pulse Grenade.
  • Glide
    Strafe Glide – Jump while airborne to activate Glide. Once up in the air, use the directionals to move.
    Burst Glide – Activate Glide and then quickly activate the burst of speed to create a “dash-like” effect. This particular skill can serve as one of the player’s means to dodge.
    Balanced Glide – Activate Glide before controlling a certain amount speed with directionals.


Attunement of Conduction

  • Chain Lightning – Increases range for melee damage that can chain damage to nearby enemies.
  • Transcendence – Increases Storm Trance duration and fills health while in Storm Trance if melee and grenade charges are at full charge.
  • Arc Web – Grenade-damaged enemies suffer additional arc-based damage.
  • Ionic Blink – Teleport while in Storm Trance by moving the left joystick.

Attunement of Elements

  • Gale Force  – Extends range melee that charges Storm Trance, grenade, and melee.
  • Landfall  – Calling Stormtrance produces a shockwave on the ground.
  • Rising Storm – Rifts charge faster when standing near the allies.
  • Arc Soul – Any ally in a rift gains the ability to use Arc Soul.
    • Arc Soul – Summons a ball of Arc energy that shoots out lightning bolts. It lasts even beyond the Rift.


Arc Soul Build


Kinetic Weapon Power Weapon Heavy Weapon
AR SMG Flexible

Armor Set-Up

Armor Type Armor Name
Helmet  Heiro Camo Cover
Chest Heiro Camo Robes
Gauntlet Heiro Camo Gloves
Greaves Heiro Camo Boots
Magic Heiro Camo Bond

Assigned Skills:

  • Healing Rift
  • Attunement of the Elements: Arc Soul
  • Attunement of Conduction: Chain Lightning/Transcendence


  • Using this build means the player may have to take a more “supportive” position instead of constantly throwing himself/herself into battle.
  • Using an SMG can improve the player’s chances of survival as the Stormcaller will constantly have to be within range of his/her allies.
  • Transcendence may work if the player intends to focus often times on one’s Super skill. It also allows the player to regenerate their own health, giving them some bunkering ability.
  • Chain Lightning improves the Stormcaller’s “harmacist” role, allowing them not only to use guns but also melee attacks.
  • Arc Soul supports your allies in granting them the ability to inflict arc-based damage, creating a pseudo-Empowering Rift.


  • Titan Barriers can stop the incoming barrage of the SMG. Doing so also forces the Stormcaller to work around the barrier, possibly being able to peel the Stormcaller away from its other allies.
  • Focus fire always defeats any kind of opponent.

Other Job Classes

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 Hunter Warlock Titan


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