Destiny 2 - Disrupt the Weapons Exchange Heroic Public Event Guide

This page contains a guide on the Disrupt the Weapons Exchange Heroic Public Event, including objectives, and how to trigger it in the game.

Destiny 2 Disrupt the Weapons Exchange

The Destiny 2 Disrupt the Weapons Exchange Public Event pits the player against the massive Devil Walker, a walking tank armed with a powerful main cannon and thick armored defense. Note that the Devil Walker will also be accompanied by Fallen forces. This makes it a somewhat challenging encounter even with a strong Fireteam.

Destiny 2 Disrupt the Weapons Exchange

Destroy the Arsenal Walker

The normal objective is to simply take down the Devil Walker, mostly focusing the Fireteam’s offense on the boss. It moves and aims very slowly as well, making it very easy to avoid shots from its main cannon. A good tactic is to continuously encircle it throughout the fight. This will never give it a chance to steadily aim at any player in the area.

Heroic Public Event Conditions: To trigger the Heroic Public Event, focus your shots on the Devil Walker’s legs. Damaging them enough will cause the boss to momentarily drop to the ground. When it does this, it will also release blue orbs that you need to pick-up and deposit at the bubbles surrounding the area. You will need to deposit two orbs at each of the three bubbles, meaning you need to get six (6) in all to trigger the Heroic Public Event.

Demolish the Walkers

There is no big difference in terms of strategy when doing the Heroic Public Event, except that you will now need to watch out for two Devil Walker cannons that may aim at you at any time during the mission. Also note that there will be less space to move around since the large bosses will take up and roam around a considerable amount of territory. Luckily, there is plenty of cover in the area, so use them to your advantage at all times.

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