Destiny 2 - Destiny 2 PvP Medals List

This page contains all obtainable PvP Medals in Destiny 2's online mode, including Medal titles and how to acquire them in the game.

PvP Medals

Below is a list of currently obtainable medals in online PvP mode in Destiny 2. Please note that we are in the process of confirming and updating the Destiny 2 PvP Medals list so check back regularly for new information.

Destiny 2 PvP (Crucible) Medals

List of PvP Medals and Conditions

Medal Conditions
Best Served Cold Killed an enemy player who killed you
Blood for Blood Killed an enemy player who just killed one of your allies
Cold Fusion Go on a Fusion rifle spree
Combined Fire Killed an enemy player by shooting at them as a team
Counter Attack ???
Crushed Them ???
Barricade Breaker Killed an enemy Titan and destroy their barricade
Dodge This Killed an enemy Hunter during their dodge animation
Rift Breaker Killed an enemy Warlock during their rift phase
Dominant Advantage ???
Pitch Perfect Killed two enemy Guardians simultaneously using the Hammer of Sol.
Everything Looks Like a Nail Killed three enemy Guardians in rapid succession using the Hammer of Sol.
Regent Killed two enemy Guardians with a sword.
Annihilation Successfully wipe the entire enemy team during a Countdown match (to be confirmed)
Double Play Successfully perform 2 quick consecutive kills
Triple Play Successfully perform 3 quick consecutive kills
We Ran Out of Medals Successfully perform 20 kills in a match (to be confirmed)
Fight Me! ???
Flag Bearer Secure the most capture zones during the match
Reclaimer Retake 3 capture zones during the match (to be confirmed)
Gangs All Here All allies must survive at the end of a Countdown round
Hawkeye Kill an enemy Guardian with a Handcannon with all critical hits (to be confirmed)
Hurricane Kill three enemy Guardians in a single Arcstaff super activation (to be confirmed)
I Live Here Now Defend a zone for ??? (to be confirmed)
Lethal Instinct Perform a Golden Gun kill
Lightning Strike Perform an Arcblade kill
Lights Out Successfully kill 4 enemy players in rapid succession
Never In Doubt Win a match with your team always in the lead (to be confirmed)
Handful of Bullets ???
Not So Fast My Friend Cancel an enemy player’s Super (to be confirmed)
Direct Hit Kill an enemy player instantly with one shot from a Grenade Launcher
Power Overwhelming Make Power Play last ??? (to be confirmed)
Quick Strike Get the first kill in a game (to be confirmed)
Ruthless Perform a 5-kill streak
Unyielding Perform a 10-kill streak
Shutdown Kill an enemy player who is on a kill streak
Splash Damage Kill 2 or more enemy players with a Rocket Launcher
The Cycle Successfully finish a round with at least 1 primary, special, heavy, grenade, melee and super kill (to be confirmed)
Wrecking Crew Successfully finish an Elimination match with no losses (to be confirmed)
Lethal Cadence Kill 5 enemy players with a Pulse Rifle when at single life (to be confirmed)
Undertaker Kill all enemy Guardians using melee as a final blow (to be confirmed)
Time and a Half Trigger a Double Overtime in a match (to be confirmed)
Undefeated Successfully finish a match with at least 12 kills and 0 deaths or downs

Crucible (PvP) Guides

Crucible Game Modes

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I have a number of medals that aren’t mentioned here that are on destiny 2 tracker: (note that the website does point out that names might be wrong) Safe and secured: Re-secure your own crest in a supremacy match; Field scout: Get 3 (5?) kills in a single life using a scout rifle; Entangled: Kill 2(?) or more opponents tethered by your shadowshot; First secure: Claim the first enemy crest in a supremacy match; Mission control: Kill 2 opponents with a sniper rifle without reloading (critical kills?); Crestfallen: (Fistfull of crests?) Rapidly claim some number of crests???; Assault specialist: Kill… Read more »

“I Live Here Now” – Sucessfully capture and defend/hold 2 zones for 1 minute. Timer start at the successful cap of the 2nd Zone

Lethal cadence is not pulse rifle as I got it with a scout ririfle

We Ran Out of Medals: Successfully perform 20 kills in a match conformation

Quick strike: Get the first kill in a game conformation

Fight me! is finish a match with the most damage done

Not So Fast My Friend is killing each other with your supers. Someone from the enemy team and I were using golden gun and we killed each other then I got the medal.

dominant advantage has to do with reaching a 5X streak while in a power play (I think) and crushed them is winning with a 50+ point lead

I’m pretty sure “Handful of bullets” is for getting 3 kills from a single use of Golden Gun

fightme medal is most damage over both teams win or loss as long as you have the most damage over all other 7 players you get fight me

My apologies, I reviewed my film and it is killing the entire enemy team on Countdown (I did it solo, I dont know if its a requirement that all the bullets have to come from your gun)

I got Annihilation in control, so it is not exclusive to Countdown.

Can confirm Annihilation is defeating the entire opposing team (I believe in rapid succession)

My apologies, I reviewed my film and it is killing the entire enemy team on Countdown (I did it solo, I dont know if its a requirement that all the bullets have to come from your gun)

No, Annihilation is kill the entire enemy team before any respawn, any game mode. If you do countdown it is easier though because no one naturally respawns.

Confirmed, Fight me! has to do with the number of melee kills during a match

Fight Me! is an end of match medal that has to do with one of the three following attributes:

* Most kills in a match
* Most damage in a match
* Minimum number of melee kills

I don’t think it has anything to do with the melee having just watched a video from beta but it may

just got it, i had most damage, not most kills, and no idea about melee

most damage is what it is for

Missing Field Scout, not sure how.

What about Crestfallen? I got it after killing all four enemies and collecting all four crests.

Definitely have gotten wrecking crew in control. And hurricane is a three arc staff kill medal, and I could be wrong I think you just need to kill the Titan near it’s shield. I don’t think it needs to break.

I’ve definitely gotten this in non-Elimination rounds. I think it’s like Strength of the Wolf in Destiny 1. Certain number of kills without anyone on team dying?

Flag Bearer: most “Advantage Kills” (not most zone caps)

Quick Strike: I wasn’t the first to strike overall, but the first on my team.

Power Overwhelming: Hold a Power Play for 15secs

Reclaimer: this one is tricky but I don’t think it’s # of zones in match. Got it after retaking my 1st zone of the match.

I believe reclaimer is re-capturing a zone that your enemy recently captured, or for ending an enemy power play with a capture. I’ll pay attention next game and confirm.

“From The Brink Of Defeat”…went from 56pts to 95pts in the last minute. Not sure if the medal is triggered at 30secs or 60secs.

Sorry, it’s “From The Jaws Of Defeat”. Just found another one…we turned it around in the last minute so it must be 60secs.

I got the ‘handful of bullets’ for killing 3 with the 3 shot golden gun.

Missing undertaker… no idea what it is

Undertaker is when you get all four of the knockouts in survival. (:

We ran out of medals is a 20 kill streak

There is a medal called Regent you can get when you kill two people with a sword.

Here’s a few more I got, and the circumstances
Pitch Perfect – got this when I killed 2 people at once with the hammer of sol
Everything looks like a nail – killed 3 people in rapid succession with hammer of sol

I received an “Annihilation” medal, and it was a different color than all of the other medals. I got it after I wiped a team with a sword on capture. I have video of it.