Destiny 2 Altar of Flame PvP Guide: Tips and Tricks

This article contains information on Destiny 2 Altar of Flame. As soon as we get the game, we'll be adding more information for strategies and builds.

Destiny 2 Altar of Flame

Destiny 2 Altar of Flame is based on Mercury, one of the hottest planets in the Solar System. Hence, it’s name. It derives some of its inspiration from Destiny 1’s Lighthouse area and appears to be Vex dominated. It shows signs of Vex architecture and design with either having bright yellow colours or darkened with Vex constructs. The map is composed of large skirmishing areas and tight corridors.

Destiny 2 Altar of Flame also appears similarly to Overwatch’s Temple of Anubis map. This particular map also works well with Survival modes as it allows the player to hide more often than not.

Tips and Tricks

  • Immediately procure a long range weapon. As there are open fields, players can use the Altar of Flame structures to hide and snipe enemies from afar.
  • There are multiple columns that can serve as a shield for players who are more into sniping than confrontational battles.
  • Titan Shields may not be useful here due to the wide corridors. Players can easily leap over the barrier before raining a hail of bullets.
  • Altar of Flame has winding corridors which can be used to hide multiple allies. If the player is playing as a Titan class guardian, he has the job of guarding both sides. Bottlenecking may not be possible due to the many other possible passageways in Altar of Flame.
  • Warlocks may possibly have an advantage due to their ability to guide. However, their ability to glide also makes them susceptible to Hunters and their Gunslinging subclass.
    • Barriers and Rifts work well but may not realize their full potential due to the requirement of constantly moving.
    • An open field is the weakness of Titan class guardians due to the wide field and that their shield could only cover so much.

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