Hive Prince Ubara Boss Guide: Destiny 2 Tips and Strategies

This page contains information about how to defeat Hive Prince Ubara. It also contains strategies and tricks on how to defeat him per class.

Boss Guide: Hive Prince Ubara

Hive Prince Ubara is the last boss in Mission 5: Hope. Like most bosses, he comes with an escort. He has an escort of 8 Hive Acolytes with him that may pose a problem. And right before him, there are some Hive Knights right before so the challenge would be making sure you have enough ammo to last you.


Hive Prince Ubara

  1. Hive Prince Ubara will have 8 Hive Acolytes with him.
    • Arcstriders have an advantage here by using Skip Bomb. As they are required to kite, they can use the trait Combat Flow to increase their dodging capabilities.
    • Voidwalkers can use Glide while throwing the Vortex Grenade in hand to kite around.
    • Titans can push forward with their shields. This allows them to snipe or shoot down the acolytes as they come in. However, best place the barrier in a high place to have a better vantage point.
  2. The acolytes have a higher “aggro” tendency than that of Hive Prince Ubara. What players can do is kite around through the crates and trap them.
    • Titans can trap them with their barriers, preventing them from moving around.
    • Dawnblades can use Solar Grenade and then Fusion Grenade to deal heavy damage. They can also confront the enemy via melee skills since they’re already zoned against the crates.
    • A good shoot in the head also works but also take note that one must always kite the enemy.
  3. Hive Prince Ubara has a single kind of attack which appears in the form of a wave of red “cross” blades.
    • Depending on the job class, the players can also opt to use a shield which belongs to the Titan Class.
    • Warlocks can opt to glide high in the air while using Empowering Rift. Once you use Empowering Rift, Voidwalkers can unleash devastating damage with their grenades and Super Nova which is ideally helpful for bosses like Ubara who tend to kite often.
    • Arcstriders will have to close in and kite often. Because they don’t have barriers like the Titan Class or Healing skills like the Warlocks, Arcstriders need to kite.
    • Dawnblade’s Daybreak can easily obliterate enemies but make sure they’re clumped in a single area and that you have high HP.
  4. Hive Prince Ubara won’t really chase you but the acolytes will. While the acolytes pound their way against you, use the crates as cover.

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