Destiny 2 - Early Game Power Leveling Guide

This page contains the Early Game Power Leveling Guide for Destiny 2. It includes a guide for Starting Guardians up to those below Power level 260.

Destiny 2 Early Game Power Leveling Guide

In Destiny 2, there are 2 gauges to raise namely the Character level and Power level.

Power level is akin to the “light” level from the first game, it refers to all 8 slots gears’ average. This gauge assesses the performance of the Guardian in terms of combat, and which enemies can be handled. To raise this gauge, you must obtain gears with higher power ratings.

Raising the Power Level

Power Level rises during campaign progression however there are additional options to effectively raise it.

Buy more Items

One of the best means to raise the power level prior to reaching 20 is to spend glimmer on weapons and equipment. Explore various worlds and interact with the NPCs you come across in order to find gears sold at around Power level 200. In addition, avail of items to fill up slots where power level is scarce by spending glimmer.

Participate in Heroic Public Events

Coming second to campaign are the Heroic Public Events which shell out a reliable amount of Experience. These specific Public Events outclass regular ones and have a high chance of rewarding replacement gear to raise the power level.

Search for Tokens and Planetary Materials

As you embark in adventures you will stumble upon chests and planetary materials scattered around the area. Open chests before you end the adventure and surrender them to the corresponding world’s NPC to obtain reputation. Earn a sufficient amount and eventually you will receive the Purple Engram.

Finish Quests

Indicated as blue crowns, Quests consist of World Quests and Exotic Quests. They become available once your Character level hits 20 while completing the campaign. Exotic treasures start to appear at 15+ points higher than the Guardian’s highest possible Power level. Before you proceed, a good starting point is to first reach Power level 260.

Take part in Vanguard Strikes

Vanguard Strikes bestow gear and reputation tokens. After obtaining a decent haul, surrender them to Commander Zavala to obtain rare loot. Rewards consist of gear and Engrams, the former is dependent on the Guardian’s Power Level.

Challenge the Nightfall

Although Power level 260 is the ideal number, it is possible to partake of Nightfall at Power level 240 provided you have stable communication and cooperation. Nightfall is a more challenging variant of strike and gives treasures containing high-grade loot.

Go head to head at the Crucible

The PvP system of Destiny 2 also houses exclusive rewards. By participating in a Crucible, you will then receive a token after finishing the match. Surrender them to Lord Shaxx for high-grade loot.

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