Destiny 2 Endless Vale PVP Guide: Tips and Tricks

This page contains tips, tricks, and strategies for Destiny 2 Endless Vale. If you're looking for ways to win, this page will tell you how.

Destiny 2 Endless Vale

Destiny 2 Endless Vale is the second map in Destiny 2 that appeared in the beta. In this map, the beta featured the Control Mode which players must capture points. These points are called “objectives” in which players must capture and defend as much as possible. Destiny 2 Endless Vale also features tight areas where players can choose to skirmish. Or, there are bigger obstacles which players can use as a means to hide before ambushing.

Destiny 2 Endless Vale takes place on the planet Nessus which have corridors that split into other others. Eventually, the player will find himself in a big area which he needs to fight his way out.

Control Mode in Endless Vale

Destiny 2 Endless Vale

Control mode is similar to capture the flag. However, points A and C are already captured. That leaves only one point open: Point B. There, players will have to fight for the points. Unlike most capture the flag games, the points grant the players multipliers. The more points captured, the higher their kill point gain. For example, if the player only has one objective – the player only gets 1 point. 2 objectives are equivalent to 2 points whereas 3 objectives are equivalent to three points.

When a team has three points under their jurisdiction, it causes event known as Power Play.

Tips and Tricks

  • Know what “home”, “far”, “mid” mean.
    • Those three words make it easier instead of clambering for certain terms.
    • Home is the point considered nearest to your spawn point. For those spawning on the left side of the map, they’re home point is nearest to the Gulch. The right side on the other hand has Blocks as their marker for their home point.
    • Mid is the point between home and far. This is usually the neutral point in Endless Vale which is at the Shrine.
    • Far is the point that is opposite from your spawn point. This is also considered the farthest point from your spawn point. Also, if the player is planning to cap this point, best go as a group instead of solo.
  • Don’t play “hero”.
    • This is a numbers game in which players must stick together. Numbers do matter in this particular PvP mode.
  • Rotations are key.
    • Knowing where your enemies are will easily cap you points. If your team is incapable of holding a point, rotating is the next best thing to do. For example, if the opposing team sends all 4 members to point B, that means their home may be open for the taking.
    • This also takes into consideration if your team is completely incapable of winning team fights.
  • The Gulch and the Blocks are your friend.
    • These big objects can serve as an obstruction if the player has no Titan class teammate on their side.
  • If you’re a Titan class player, you can actually create a bottleneck.
    • As a Titan class, you have a barrier similar to Overwatch’s Reinhardt. Since Endless Vale has a lot of skinny corridors, the barrier can cover them and allow your teammates to remain shielded.
    • However, best you stay with a healer type class like a Warlock or a Dawnblade to retain your power.
    • You can also use your barrier to peel.
      • Peeling includes removing key players in the game to allow your team to have an advantage.
  • Grenades are recommended.
    • The skinny spaces prevents the enemy team from running around too much. So dropping a grenade on them will be quite easy for you.

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