Mission 13 Unbroken Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

This article contains information about Mission 13 Unbroken in Destiny 2. Inside the guide, there is also a way how to kill Thumos, the Unbroken.

Mission 13 Unbroken

Get to the console

  1. Head to the hanger and stay at the entrance.
    • Aim a grenade at the enemies or snipe as many as you can.
    • Don’t forget to use the obstacles as cover.
  2. Be wary as you climb up the ramp where you’ll find Phalanxes and Psions with their weapons focused on you. Kite around them and avoid leaving yourself open. If you can easily grenade them then, it’ll make your life a lot easier.
    • Prioritize the Phalanxes over the Psions as they can inflict more damage. The Psions don’t move as fast so they won’t be able to catch you as long as you kite properly.
  3. Stay behind the cover and deal with the incoming enemies. You can either wipe them out with a grenade or take them out the traditional way of sniping them off and kiting.
  4. After finishing the incoming waves, head up the shorter ramp to the upper platform where a pack of Legionaires, Psions, War Beasts, and a Centurion are loitering around. Throw a grenade to thin out of the numbers before trashing them off with a close quarter weapon. Or, you can just double grenade shot to remove them.
  5. With the enemies cleaned out, use the Ghost on the console which updates the objective. A circular platform will drop down across the bridge. Jump on it and it’ll lead you to another door above connecting to a pathway.

Defeat the Blood Guard Legionaires and Centurion

  1. Follow the winding path over to an open door. However, watch out for the Legionaires and the warbeasts. But you can easily take them out with either a grenade or snipe out the Warbeasts.
  2. After taking them out, turn up and left before landing on a big pipe and punching out the grating on your right side. Drop down into an area after full of Cabal, along with two Gladiators.
    • The Gladiators need to be your main priority. Take them out before they close.
    • Use the Super if necessary. These are one of those enemies that can take a lot of damage and have a big chance of wiping you on the floor with their attacks.
  3. Once all the enemies are down, head deeper into the area. But check your right side for some Phalanxes and Legionaires. After finishing them off, you’ll have to face off a mini-boss.
  4. In this case, the Blood Guard is an enemy who has little minions following him around with the strength qualifiable that for a mini-boss.
    • First, crack the Blood Guard’s shield with an Energy Weapon. Do this while clumping up the enemies together.
      • This may involve a little bit of skillful weaving especially if you’re weaving towards him.
    • Once the enemies clump up together, jump back and throw grenades.
    • Or, you can also give him a head shot using a Power Weapon.
  5. Once you defeat the Blood Guard, hop on over to the small ledge. There’s a ramp leading down to a narrow corridor. Break the grating open before proceeding through another door that leads to a large cargo bay.
  6. When you get there, make your way to the two docking bay hangers. While you’re at it, take out some Psions that are pestering you. Might as well do it now or it will cause you more problems as you progress through the mission. They will follow you.
  7. Stay close to the ramp and don’t rush into the hangar. You’ll spot a console but take out the enemies first. Then, you can use your Ghost on the console.
  8. Once the console activates, two Blood Guards appear. Now, for this one, divide an conquer’s more suggested. Clumping them up together may end up with you being torched to death. Shatter their shields with the energy weapon before filling them up with gunfire.
  9. After the door opens, you’ll find the Centurion (the real mini-boss). Alongside him, there are a few Psions.
    • Two ways to deal with this: either kill the Psions for more kiting ground or kill the Centurion for lower incoming damage.
    • If you plan to deal with the Centurion first, keep moving. He has jet packs that allow him to reposition himself.
    • With higher defense, they also have shields so use the Energy weapon when his shields go up.
  10. After defeating them, head right and up the raised platform. You’ll find it running to the middle of the hangar. Dispatch the Psions there before fighting down a Blood Guard again. Just like the last ones, use an energy weapon to break their shield.
  11. Head up the interior ramp after exiting the hanger. Kill the incoming Legionaires and Psions at the corridors up ahead. After that, there’s a narrow door. Turn left and stay behind as another mob shows up. A Blood Guard will also appear so quickly deal with him with a break of his shield and kite him down.
  12. With that, you’ll soon trigger another boss fight against Thumos, the Unbroken.

Boss Fight: Thumos, the Unbroken

Main Article: Thumos, the Unbroken

Despite his chunky appearance and the two menacing Commander Legionnaires, this battle may turn out easier than it looks. One is that by taking out the Commander Legionnaires, you get to replenish your super bar. And if you can replenish your Super Bar, taking out Thumos won’t be too difficult. Once you defeat him, you finish Mission 13 Unbroken!

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