Destiny 2 - Injection Rig Heroic Public Event Guide

This page contains a guide on the Injection Rig Heroic Public Event - Defeat Infiltrator Valus, including objectives, and how to trigger it in the game

Destiny 2 Injection Rig Guide

The Injection Rig Public Event involves the Cabal setting up an injection rig in an area in the map. It is a very challenging Public Event and is recommended to be attempted by as much allies as you can team up with. The objective of the Public Event is to destroy the vents of the Cabal’s injection rig.

Draw Down The Infiltrator Valus

Before you even have the chance to get a shot at the vents, you will need to kill three (3) Infiltrator Psions. Note that there will also be some Phalanxes, Gladiators and Legionaries in the area that you need to fend off. When a Psion appears, kill him immediately, then aim for the top of the rig and shoot the open vent (indicated by the three glowing yellow spots on the top). Power ammo is recommended to use against the vents, as they will deal large amounts of damage in a short amount of time.

Remember that you will take damage inside the yellow dome field when the vent is open. Instead of evacuating, aim at the top vent and destroy, you will need to take out another Psion. When you’ve defeated him, shoot the vent at the middle to destroy it. The last Psion will then appear. After you kill him, shoot the vent at the bottom of the rig. Locating the last vent is a bit of a challenge, so it is important that you try to find out where it will open once you’ve destroyed the first two vents.

Heroic Public Event Conditions: Once you’ve taken out all three (3) vents, Infiltrator Valus will appear (triggering the Heroic Public Event).

Defeat Infiltrator Valus

He has slightly higher defense than the average Cabal Centurion, though headshots will still reliably deplete his health if you land them properly.

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