Destiny 2 Version Comparison, Changes, and Additions to the previous title

This page contains the Destiny 2 Version Comparison, Changes, and Additions to the previous title. It includes new mechanics, new weapons, and new features.

Version Comparison

Destiny 2 introduces a variety of changes which originally did not exist in its predecessor title. Although not entirely an overhaul but more of an expansion, the list ranges from Map changes, Subclass Specific Changes, Equipment and Mod Attachments, up to more refined Weapon Changes and Additions.

Map Changes

Contrary to Destiny, this game comes with an in-game map which gives the player an almost instant access to the world maps without having the need to switch between orbits.

In addition to that, white circles with downward arrows will eventually appear on the in-game map to indicate the available fast travel spots. These eliminate the long loading times that plague the previous means of transportation of its predecessor.

Subclass Specific Changes

Back in Destiny, there are multiple skills compatible with various classes. However in Destiny 2, certain abilities became limited to specific subclasses. Each subclass can unlock up to 4 different abilities accessible depending on the Perks chosen.

For the current classes, Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, new subclasses fall under them namely:

  • Arcstrider (Hunter Class)
  • Sentinel (Titan Class)
  • Dawnblade (Warlock Class)

The following will replace the old Hunter, Titan, and Warlock classes specifically:

  • Bladedancer (Hunter Class)
  • Defender (Titan Class)
  • Sunsinger (Warlock Class)

Loot Changes

Guardians can now pick up new kinds of Loot bauble such as the bright engram in addition to the standard colors that existed in Destiny: blue, green, purple, white, and yellow. The contents range from one of the multiple special items available in the game.

They become available either by reaching past level 20, or raising your faction rep. Another way to obtain them is to exchange for Silver upon reaching at least level 20.

These can be surrendered to the Eververse Trading Company representative.

Currency Changes

Apart from the traditional Silver and Glimmer, Destiny 2 introduces the Bright Dust, and the Legendary Shards. The Bright Dust can be extracted from Bright Engrams. The Glimmer returns and can now be collected past the 25,000 cap. As for the Legendary Shards, they can be extracted from the Legendary or Exotic Gears.

This special currency can be surrendered to the Mysterious Merchant Xur for Exotic Gears, or used as an ingredient for Weapon and Armor Piece infusion.

Equipment and Weapon Modifications

Guardians now have the option of modifying their weapons. This modification option is accessible together with the Legendary and Exotic in the upgrades menu. Modifications can alter the Element of the chosen Energy Weapon. This paves way to transforming weapon elements to be imbued with certain effects such as gaining Solar damage.

Armor Changes

Back in Destiny, Armor equipped by Guardians possess the following traits: Agility, Recovery, and Armor. For Destiny 2, armor traits now consist of Mobility, Recovery, and Resilience.

Weapon Changes and Additions

Destiny 2 adds to the old loadout of its predecessor. In addition to the Primary, Secondary, and Heavy Weapon slots, there are additional slots to accommodate the new Kinetic Weapons and Energy Weapons. Another update is that Heavy Weapons now refer to Power Weapons.

Weapon Slot Changes

The classification for the Weapon Slots now depends on their type and damage level.

Selection of Primary Weapon types now include the Kinetic variants and Energy variants. Previously in the first game, Primary Weapons only occur on either the first slot, however they may now appear on either first or second slots for Destiny 2.

Ammunition-wise, the Energy Weapons will function using standard ones in addition to their previously default Special Ammo.

As for Power Weapons, these Grenade launchers now join the roster along with the Rocket Launchers.

New Weapon Types and Mechanics

The newly introduced Kinetic Weapons are capable of piercing the exoskeleton of enemies that lack Shields.

Another property added to the game is that certain Energy Weapons have a better chance against enemies with Shields. When certain conditions are met, the Guardian will be capable of sending an enemy’s shield in flames. This is one of the ways in order to stun the target. Additionally, it causes additional damage to surrounding enemies affected by the radius.

Multiplayer Changes

Compared to Destiny, the total player count when participating in the Crucible (PVP) changed from 12 players to a total of 4 versus 4.

In the previous game, a total of 31 Crucible Maps appeared, with 7 planets covering the smaller areas. For Destiny 2, there are 9 Crucible Maps in total at the moment which cover 5 planets currently.

For the PVP mode in Destiny 2, the new modes introduced are Countdown and Survival. The former assigns one team to take out the other before they defuse the charge similar to Counter Strike’s Bomb Defusal. This mode employs a best of 6 game. Survival on the other hand is an elimination themed squad deathmatch.

Each squad has a total of 8 lives which is equivalent the the amount of remaining spawns they have, spending all of these will prevent the team from respawning.

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