Voidwalker: Destiny 2 Job Subclass Strategy and Tips Guide

This page contains information on Voidwalker builds, strategies, talents, and skills. We'll update this page as soon as we get the game.


The Voidwalker Subclass is a subclass for the Warlock class. As a wielder of Void energy, the Voidwalkers dive in and catch their enemies in awkward positions using their void magic. While void magic is commonly perceived for Crowd Control, the Voidwalker dives in and manipulates space to tear their enemies apart. Applying the law of physics in which “no two objects can exist in the same space”, the Voidwalker uses this law to heavily damage their enemies and tear a hole through enemy lines.


The Voidwalker is a sub-class of the Warlock class that focuses more on damage than being balanced. Unlike the Dawnblade that utilizes melee attacks, the Voidwalker focuses more on a kiting strategy. Their inability to sustain themselves along with their abilities focused more on the offensive makes them appear more as a DPS or a “glass cannon”. While the Rift skills can serve as their attempt for sustainability, they are better off hanging in the back-lines to damage from afar.

How to Unlock

  1. Obtain a Warlock’s Talisman from the chests that you get from the Public Events.
  2. Keep killing enemies and performing Public Events.
  3. Once the bar is filled, head back to Shard of the Traveler to unlock the job class.

Base Skills

The Voidwalker class still retains its abilities from the Warlock class. This is usually the one for their partially supportive role and also can be an offensive ability. Players, as a Voidwalker, can use the Empowering Rift to increase their damage output to immediately wipe the enemy. They also can use Healing Rift as a means of sustain themselves while attempting to escape.

  • Healing Rift
    Creates a circle of light that gradually heals allies as long as they’re within the circle.
  • Empowering Rift
    Similar to Healing Rift, however, this instead grants an attack boost to allies.

Voidwalker Specific Skills

  • Super: Nova Bomb – Press L1+R1/ LB+RB: Player hurls an explosive bolt of Void at the enemy, damaging those within a vicinity. (AoE/ Area of Effect attack)
  • Grenades:
    Vortex Grenade – Deals damage while trapping enemies inside.
    Axion Bolt – Drops a bolt of void which explodes into smaller bolts to track down their enemies.
    Scatter Grenade – An explosive grenade that shatters into smaller bolts of void which also explodes. Acts similarly to the concept of fragmentation.
  • Glide
    Strafe Glide – Jump while airborne to activate Glide. Once up in the air, use the directionals to move.
    Burst Glide – Activate Glide and then quickly activate the burst of speed to create a “dash-like” effect. This particular skill can serve as one of the player’s means to dodge.
    Balanced Glide – Activate Glide before controlling a certain amount speed with directionals.


Attunement of Chaos

  • Chaos Accelerant – Hold L1 to increase the outgoing damage of the grenade in hand.
  • Bloom – enemies killed with Void skills explode upon death.
  • Cataclysm – Increases Nova Bomb travel time but attack now seeks enemies. Players now have the option of detonating it early or letting it seek the enemy first.
  • Entropic Pull – Drain the enemy of their HP and convert their HP into points to recharge the grenade.

Attunement of Hunger

  • Devour – Kill the enemy with a melee strike to fully regenerate one’s health. This also activates a temporary regen on every kill for additional heals.
  • Feed the Void – Hold L1 to consume grenade energy to replenish health. Grants the player also Devour trait temporarily.
  • Insatiable – While Devour is active, killing enemies increases its duration and recharges the grenade.
  • Vortex – The Nova Bomb creates an additional singularity which continuously damages enemies that are trapped inside.


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Kinetic Weapon Power Weapon Heavy Weapon

Armor Set-Up

Armor Type Armor Name
Helmet  TBA
Chest  TBA
Gauntlet  TBA
Greaves  TBA
Magic  TBA

Assigned Skills:

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Other Job Classes

Job Classes
 Hunter Warlock Titan

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