Destiny 2 - The Arms Dealer Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

The Arms Dealer is a strike mission in Destiny 2 in where players must defeat Bracus Zahn in order to stop his shipment of items.

The Arms Dealer Guide

The Arms Dealer is a strike mission where the player must confront the War Lord and Arms Dealer Bracus Zahn. For this particular mission, the Arms Dealer requires players to breach through his territory and tear through his men. Until finally, the player reaches Bracus Zahn and finally puts him down. However, the Arms Dealer is not going to let you in that easily. To get to the main Arms Dealer himself, the player must tear through a variety of obstacles and fight his lieutenants. Only then can he fight the Arms Dealer after making his way through.

Tips and Tricks

  • Conserve your Supers and Grenades as much as possible.
    • Players will be confronted by hordes. However, there are also mini-bosses that swarm the area. Using grenades and Supers carelessly will destroy the player in the long run.
    • The Arms Dealer will be heavily protected. You may as well have a Grenade Launcher to preserve your own grenades.
  • Corner yourself into a wall.
    • While this isn’t the most logical thing, for others it is. If you’re running a Titan class, players can opt to corner themselves into a wall with a barrier up.
    • This prevents enemies from attacking them from behind while giving yourself good cover fire. Since barriers cannot move with you, putting the wall behind you can serve as a “temporary shield”.
  • Prioritize your enemies.
    • In this case, there are multiple things to think about. One of them being the mini-bosses that appear and the others being the mobs.
    • Personally, I’d take the ads first while taking out the boss with small pot-shots to give me more kiting room. However, if you’re in a team, two players can draw the ads or even one player can do so. The others can then focus on the bigger bosses.

The Arms Dealer Guide – Walkthrough

Mini Boss Fight: Bracus Nor and Bracus Vox

  • Unfortunately, the Arms Dealer mission first opens with a mini boss battle.
  • Clear the corridors of enemies and continue proceeding forward.
  • Detonate the canisters to kill more enemies.
  • Approach the console that leads to the next area.
  • Once you arrive at the next area, you’ll find a drop ship dropping off enemies. This ranges from Cabal Legionnaires, Phalanxes, and etc. However, the guest of honor here is Bracus Nor. There are two ways to deal with him:
    • One is to take out some ads while giving him a pot-shot or two. While this method takes longer, clearing the minions allows you more kiting room and places for cover.
    • Focus fire down Bracus Nor. Works best if you’re in a team but not really if solo due to the high HP Bracus Nor has.
  • Once he goes down, there’s a prompt that will activate and asks you to get the fusion ball. Grab it the moment the prompt pops.
  • Head to the North Cargo Docks to encounter the second boss: Bracus Vox.
    • Unlike Bracus Nor, he uses close-ranged weapons. Kite him around and keep your distance.
    • If in a Fireteam, the Titan should be the one drawing his fire.
    • Warlocks play support role with a bit of versatility involved. Throw a Healing Rift to keep your Titan alive while also attacking every now and then.
    • Hunters focus down the boss with everything you have. Make sure you kite around as well as Hunters are meant to be slippery.
  • Now with the fusion ball, it gets a little tricky.
    • If in squad, one player draws aggro. The Titan is best for this due to his heightened defense.
    • Hunters or Warlocks can bring the orb due to their speed and slipperiness.
    • Once the ball’s in, take out the rest.
    • If you’re running solo, best to just ignore the enemies and slip past them. Stick the orb into the receptacle before nuking the rest of the enemies. Or, it can be done vice versa.
  • Keep moving forward except watch out for the Thrasher in the sky and Zahn’s lieutenant. The lieutenant will be up a ramp. Now would be a good time to either pop your Super or use the yellow canisters with a grenade to take out the other enemies.
  • Then, you can head to the Sunken Isles area.

Goliaths Battle

  • There are enemies called Goliaths in this next one. Kill the enemies nearby before checking if Hawthorne dropped a Drake tank nearby. If she has, use it and enjoy. This is one of the more fun parts of the Arms Dealer mission.
  • Use the Drake Tank to quickly sweep through enemies before making your way up to another mini-boss Bracus Crull. Thankfully, the shells can shatter his armor so you can easily wipe him out.
    • Unfortunately, not everyone can ride the tank so others may have to hide near it.
  • However, if there’s no tank, focus fire down your enemies and make your way up the ramp to Bracus Crull.
  • After that, you’ll enter the Legion’s Hold Hangar. Once there, you’ll find yourself facing a Goliath Tank. If you have the Drake Tank, blast it to death. You can also use the Drake Tank to blow up another mini boss, Bracus Crull’s Brother as well.
  • If not, dodge the mines on the ramp. Not sure if you can trigger their explosion but if players can trigger the explosion then, blow up the mines as a means to clear the ramp.
  • Watch out for the second Goliath as it can break you easy if you don’t.
  • Once you clear that, you’ll fight Bracus Zahn – the final boss for The Arms Dealer mission.

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