Destiny 2 Striker: Subclass Guides, Grenade Abilities and Others

This article contains information about the Destiny 2 Striker Titan Guides and Strategies that includes its super abilities, grenade abilities and more!

Striker Subclass Guide & Strategies

The Destiny 2 Striker is more focused on the damage compared to that of the Sentinel. It is capable of giving your extra grenade charge and increasing its effects,  leave damaging fields and creating arc explosions. The Striker deals massive amounts of damage to large areas as well with its Fists of Havoc. It also has great grenade abilities that don’t only provide massive AOE damage but as well as disorienting enemies by the numbers.

Unlike the Sentinel Subclass, you are not the tank of the team but rather deal damage to an AOE. This means that you excel in fighting large numbers of enemies and focus on controlling the crowd. Use your grenades to disorient enemies and damage them as well. You can both provide assistance to your allies by distracting your enemies and as well as a massive help to allies being surrounded by a lot of foes that come in their way. Just remember that you yourself can be trapped by the horde so always have an escape plan before jumping to your enemies hands.

Destiny 2 Striker

Super Ability: Fists of Havoc

  • L1/LB + R1/RB – supercharges your fists and slams it to the ground.

Code of the Earthshaker

  • Magnitude – this will give you an extra grenade charge as well as increase the duration of the grenade’s effects.
  • Aftershocks – recharges your grenade when you damage enemies with Seismic Strike.
  • Terminal Velocity – leaves a damaging field by the Fists of Havoc Super increasing damage over time while its in the air.
  • Seismic Strike – using a melee attack while sprinting shoulder charges an enemy creating an arc explosion.

Code of the Juggernaut

  • Frontal Assault – increases weapon stability after you successfully strike an enemy.
  • Knockout – increases melee range and damage when you break an enemy’s shield or critically wound them.
  • Reversal – triggers health regeneration when you successfully kill an enemy thru melee.
  • Trample – killing enemies with your Super Ability increases its duration.

Grenade Abilities

  • Lightning – when thrown, will stick to any surface and emit a bolt of lightning.
  • Pulse – when thrown, will emit a periodical damage over a fixed radius around where it landed.
  • Flashbang – when thrown, will emit an explosion that will disorient enemies struck.
 Striker Sentinel Sunbreaker

Other Job Classes

Job Classes
 Hunter Warlock Titan

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