Nightstalker: Destiny 2 Job Subclass Strategy and Tips Guide

This page contains the Nightstalker Hunter Subclass Guide. It includes the Super Ability, Grenade Ability, and Perks. We will update as we go along.

Nightstalker Subclass

The Nightstalker falls under the void-based subclass of the Hunters. They are endowed with the Shadowshot Super Ability which causes enemies to move sluggishly, enabling allies to ensnare them easily with follow-ups.

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How to Unlock

In order to choose the Nightstalker subclass the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Must attain Level 15
  • Finish Public Events and unlock reward chests
  • Obtain the Fractured Arrow Relic
  • Finish Public Events to maximize the gauge
  • Upon attaining 100%, this will unlock the longer variant of the Shard of the Traveler Mission
  • Finish the Shard of the Traveler Mission to unlock it

Super Ability: Shadowshot

Nightstalkers wield the Shadowshot, a void-type elemental which tethers targets through a Void Anchor to decrease their mobility and strength.

Way of the Trapper

  • Deadfall – Transforms the Void Anchors into booby traps. The duration and range are raised allowing them to ensnare victims more effectively.
  • Keen Scout – Hastens the sprint and sneak while improving the tracker of the Nightstalker. Ensnared victims receive a mark to pinpoint their location easily.
  • Snare Bomb – A melee Skill which deploys a smoke bomb trap to far distances. The throwable will cling to surfaces and explodes upon detecting close enemies. This cripples the affected targets.
  • Vanishing Step – Performing a dodge makes the Nightstalker invisible for a brief amount of time.

Way of the Pathfinder

  • Heart of the Pack – By taking out enemies caught in the Void Anchor, it produces Orbs of Light which raises all the attributes of the Armor for both the Nightstalker and his teammates.
  • Lockdown – This Perk extends the duration of Grenade and Smoke which strengthens damage dealt and grants terrain control.
  • Moebius Quiver – Enables quick burst shots when using the Shadowshot. Damage will increase when fired at tethered enemies.
  • Vanish in Smoke – Hauls a smoke bomb which sends a cloud that grants an invisible cloak to both the caster and the allies.

Grenade Abilities

  • Spike Grenade This explosive will fasten on any surface and will shine with a damage causing Void Light.
  • Voidwall Grenade Upon detonating, the explosion will form a horizontal wall of Void Light.
  • Vortex Grenade This grenade produces a vortex which will deal residual damage over time to all enemies caught in the middle.
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Other Job Classes

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