Destiny 2 - Guardian Classes: Directory

This page contains all of the available destiny 2 guardian classes that includes the Main classes and each of its subclasses.

Destiny 2 Guardian Classes

This page contains all of the available Destiny 2 Guardian Classes for the main classes of Hunter, Warlock and Guardian that includes each classes’ subclasses. This includes Arcstrider, Gunslinger and Nightstalker for HuntersDawnblade, Voidwalker and Stormcaller for Warlocks, and Sentinel, Striker and Sunbreaker for Titans. Each Class have specific strengths and weaknesses that will accommodate the player’s play style like some classes having superior defenses while others having superior offenses. Bare in mind that the job class you will choose will have their own unique gameplay as well so choosing the most appropriate one that suits your taste will be most beneficial to you.

Destiny 2 Job Classes

Destiny 2 Guardian Classes
Hunter Warlock Titan
Arcstrider Dawnblade Sentinel
Gunslinger Voidwalker Striker
Nightstalker Stormcaller Sunbreaker

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