Destiny 2 - Genesis Mind Boss Guide: Strategies

The Genesis Mind is the last boss in Pyramidion Strike Mission in Destiny 2. He has 3 phases unlike the other bosses from the other missions.

Genesis Mind Boss Guide

The Genesis Mind is a boss that appears in the Pyramidion Strike Mission. Unfortunately for you, he has three phases similar to that of Thumos. One of our recommendations is to bring a Sniper Rifle or a Scout Rifle which will take out its eyes. This will work increasingly well in your favour as it will lower the accuracy of his attacks. At the same time, it’ll daze him momentarily and opens a window of opportunity for you to DPS him as fast as you can. He also likes keeping his distance from you so rifles are your best friend here.

Genesis Mind Boss Fight

Phase 1

  • Make the Genesis Mind eat everything. Basically, throw everything you have at its face. This includes grenades, shots from a shotgun, bullets from every gun you have, and etc. Also, don’t forget to take cover. He does deal heavy damage from afar. Keep doing this until he retreats behind a white shield.
  • Once he spawns the shield, Goblins will appear. Slaughter them all until an Altar Spot appears. The moment you see it, jump there. This will neutralize his shield.
  • However, the circle does not stay in one place. It’ll move around with more mobs chasing after you. Note also that doing this also removes your cover.
    • TitansThrow a Barrier immediately on top of the Altar Spot. This will shield majority of the party from the Genesis Mind’s fire.
    • Warlocks: Rotate between Healing Rift and Empowering Rift. If you’re a Stormcaller, Arc Soul will save your life.
    • Hunters: Kite around and expend your Super when you can.
  • Take note: the difficulty increases the more times you drop the Genesis Mind’s shield.

Phase 2

  • Once he hits around 66% of his health, he’s going to get really angry. That means, additional damage and faster DPS. He also becomes what players often know as the Genesis Mind.
  • Here, sitting still will get you killed. Split up and kite around, dealing damage from all sides. The Genesis Mind can only focus on one target at a time. If they can, have the Titan draw its fire or even the Hunter can by being slippery.
  • As one draws his fire, riddle the glowing yellow eye with bullets. That’s the one vulnerable part he has right now.
  • While you’re running around, he’ll throw some weird substance on you. Get out of there and deal with the incoming Goblins. They will get in your way of fire if you don’t.
  • As much as Supers are tempting, don’t. It’s a waste considering he keeps moving around and teleporting.

Phase 3

  • The last 33% of his life involves him going on overdrive with him summoning a horde of enemies.
  • Spread yourselves out and cut through the enemies. However, focus taking down the Fanatics.
    • The Fanatics explode and leave an arc-based field on the ground, stunning other enemies. This makes them vulnerable to grenades.
  • Once they’re gone, do or die time. Unleash everything you have – bullets, grenades, Supers – and take that head of his off before he does anything worse. Then, turn to his torso and cleave that down as well until he kicks the bucket.

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