Destiny 2 - Tips and Tricks in the Game Mode Crucible: Control

This page contains all the tips and tricks you will need in order for you to gain an advantage and knowledge in playing the Destiny 2 Crucible: Control.

Destiny 2 Crucible: Control

Destiny 2 Crucible: Control is a game type that is won by accumulating 100 points before the 8 minute mark ends. Failure to reach 100 points before 8 minutes will automatically let the team with the most points win the game.  You can earn the points by capturing either of the 3 zones in the map, killing an enemy, or killing them while you have captured zones active.

Destiny 2 Crucible: Control

Killing an Enemy – 1 Point

Claiming a Zone – 1 Point

Killing an Enemy while Your Team Has Captured a Zone – 2 Points

Killing an Enemy when you’re Team Controls All Zones – 3 Points

Power Ammo

All game types of Crucible have Power Ammo that are located on both sides of the team and one at a neutral location. Procuring these power ammo will prove to be very helpful later on in the game. The neutral power ammo can be taken after 20 seconds since the game has started. Once either of the team takes the neutral power ammo, it will no longer respawn and such you must immediately take it as it will provide an advantage for your team.

The non-neutral Power Ammo that can be found on both sides of the team respawn every 90 seconds. But these can be taken again after 90 seconds of when you took it unlike the neutral Power Ammo.

Tips and Tricks

Since the game can be won through points and not just through kills like the clash game mode, you will need to have a strategy as a team for you to win the game. Do not rely solely on kills as because teams who have controlled a zone will earn more points compared to that of your team that solely relies on kills alone.

Try to take the zones and take control while you’re in it. You can both rack up points as well as get kills because enemies will be aiming to take the zone as well.

Remember that you are four in your team with three control areas that you need to occupy so splitting all 4 to take all the areas would prove to be quite difficult as you might have to face uneven numbers on the control zone. Going 1-1-2 would be the best option with the solo players being the most experienced.

Grab your Sentinel and team him up on the duo taking a control zone as he can provide protection to the least experienced player on your team.


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