Mission 8 Looped Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough for Mission 8 Looped for Destiny 2, including main story objectives, weapons, items, characters and enemies

Mission 8 Looped

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Mission 8 Looped continues with the protagonist’s search for Cayde-6 in Destiny 2. The clues lead the protagonist to explore Restricted Zones to track Cayde who has trespassed through the Vex Traps.

Search for Cayde-6

  1. Jump into the Vex Trap portal below to start the search.
  2. Follow the trail to reach the ship in ruins and scale upwards to locate the Signal, press Square to interact with it. This will trigger a dialogue.
  3. Return downwards sticking to the right side and turn right. Make a left past a passage flanked by yellow concrete.
  4. Continue running down the path to reach the Hallows to eventually reach a cliff. Jump down the ravine.

Infiltrate the Restricted Zone

  1. As you reach the bottom proceed left to find a site illuminated by a yellow light, scale to reach the upper platform.
  2. Continue downwards to find a levitating figure, interact with him to trigger a conversation eventually Cayde will disappear.
  3. Take cover behind the stack of concrete and throw a grenade at the spawned Vex. Take them out by alternating between cover for reload, then open fire.
  4. More enemy reinforcements will spawn at the back, be sure to turn around after eliminating the first wave, snipe them while running to the top for cover. Be wary of the portals where the additional Vex will spawn from and eliminate them quickly.
  5. Once the coast is clear, the dialogue with Failsafe will resume.
  6. Head right past a vex portal and follow the path with the bright orange light to reach a site that glows with a yellow hue. Proceed through the room to reach the Sunken Cavern.

Exploring the Sunken Cavern

  1. Eventually you will reach a location where the sound of water gushing becomes audible. As you follow the path which leads to a section where purple light emits, the dialogue will resume.
  2. As you reach another cliff, inspect the right side to find a platform below lined with concrete. Drop down.
  3. Inspect the right edge again to find another platform underneath, jump down to reach it.
  4. On the upper right edge of the cliff, make a double leap to reach the distant platform. Take another leap across to reach the platform straight ahead.
  5. Finally make a double jump to reach the rocky terrain ahead.
  6. Snipe the Hobgoblin perched atop the platform above. Another will be patrolling on the same level as you on your left so be sure to take it out skillfully.
    • Exterminate the Minotaurs and Hobgoblins guarding the area. Find cover from their return fire using the concretes scattered as forts when you have to reload. Remain distant and take out multiple enemies using a heavy weapon. Snipe Hobgoblins from a distance, there should be more perched on higher platforms.

Search for Cayde-6 (Continued)

  1. With the site swept of any hostilities, continue the search by heading to the left edge. Drop down to reach the platform below.
  2. Continue straight until you reach the next edge, then descend again to reach the floor below.
  3. Head through the triangular passage flanked by intersecting pillars to eventually trigger another dialogue informing of the coordinates of your destination.
  4. Turn left and descend the spiral to reach the lower ground. As you reach the center, ascend the steps and go through the blue portal.
  5. Stick to the left side and keep descending past some rocky terrain to which the Failsafe will indicate that the Cayde-6 is nearby.
  6. Make a leap across to reach the platform on the other side, then continue straight and leap across the rocky pillars.

Traversing the Well of Giants

  1. Jump past to reach the next platform, then finally jump towards the platform marked with another triangular passage. Go through and follow the blue light that emits from within.
  2. Keep running and drop down to the next Vex Trap portal.

Boss Battle: Hapax, the Convergent Mind

Main Article: Hapax, the Convergent Mind Boss Guide

  • Once you manage to subdue it, the screen will fade and the cutscene with Cayde-6 will play.
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  1. I’m experiencing issues with this mission. Once I get to the well of giants, and fall down by Cause, no enemies appear, and the quest marker tells me to go back up the lift, which you can’t do.