Arcstrider: Destiny 2 Job Subclass Strategy and Tips Guide

This page contains the Arcstrider Hunter Subclass Guide. It includes the Super Ability, Grenade Ability, and Perks. We will update as we go along

Arcstrider Subclass

The Arcstrider belongs to the line of arc-based Guardians of the Hunter group. They wield the symbolic Arc Staff. This weapon enables them to navigate through the opposition’s line of fire swiftly, making them adept in handling enemies at close encounters.

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Super Ability: Arc Staff

The Arcstrider wields the Arc Staff which allows him to either call upon Arc energy by pressing the L1+R1 or LB+RB buttons simultaneously.

He also gains an evasion ability which connects to an Arc Staff punisher which is performed using R1/RB.

Way of the Warrior

The first ability block balances both evasion and close quarter combat.

  • Combat Flow – By performing melee kills, it will replenish the Arcstrider’s evasion ability.
  • Combination Blow – Perform this melee skill to restore your Health.
  • Deadly Reach – By successfully executing a dodge, it will raise the melee range to deliver attacks to distant enemies.
  • Lethal Current – Upon performing a well-timed dodge, every consequent Arc Staff that connects will launch lightning attribute damage.

Way of the Wind

On the 2nd ability block, it focuses on speed and mobility.

  • Combat Meditation – As you sustain critical wounds, the rate by which the Melee and Grenades will hasten.
  • Disorienting Blow – Deliver an attack through this melee to cripple surrounding enemies.
  • Focused Breathing – Perform a sprint to restore the Arcstrider’s Dodge ability.
  • Lightning Reflexes – This Perk enables the Arcstrider to become more resistant to death when performing dodges.

Grenade Abilities

  • Arcbolt Grenade – This grenade ability allows the Arcstrider to connect bolts of lightning to deal damage on surrounding enemies.
  • Flux Grenade – Using this grenade enables this subclass to cause a huge blast dealing more damage to enemies attached to it.
  • Skip Grenade – The Skip Grenade divides during impact which causes several homing projectiles to trail enemies.


The focus during combat requires employing Melee and Razor’s Edge. In other words a mixture of both close range and long range attacks are necessary to perform Combos.


To master the art of the Arcstrider requires timely execution of Melee, Razor’s Edge, or employing mixups of both. Apart from offense, Guardians who wish to follow the path must equally be knowledgeable in Airborne tactics and Dodges during Super Charge activation. Below is a list of combos.

  • Melee Perform three melee swipes.
  • Double Melee to Razor’s Edge Execute a double swipe then finish with a spinning strike.
  • Melee to Razor’s Edge Initiate with a melee and connect a ranged move.
  • Razor’s Edge Swipe once with a ranged move.
  • Aerial Melee to Melee Similar to the second combo but done while suspended in the air.
  • Airborne Razor’s Edge Executes a crushing slam move.
  • Airborne Double Melee to Razor’s Edge Closes the distance with double swipes, then advances for a finishing crushing slam.
  • Evasive Move Temporarily grants an infinite number of dodge executions while Super Charge is active. This move can interrupt the melee combos above.

Class Comparison

Contrary to Destiny’s Bladedancer, the Arcstrider in Destiny 2 requires strict timing in order to master the execution of combos. This means that players accustomed to the more forgiving combos of the Arc-based class’ predecessor can no longer freely execute moves. In contrast, Arcstrider Guardians must be mindful of the window of opportunity of when to land and perform certain actions.

Pay attention to Distance

The 2 general offensive moves are tailored to suit certain distances. For example, Melee moves help to close the distance between the Arcstrider and the target for close quarters. On the other hand, Razor’s Edge affects a much wider range. The trick is to mix Melee and Dodges in various patterns to confuse the target to deny them any chances of figuring out the tactic that the Arcstrider will go for next. Razor’s Edge is best executed to end the string of melee as it covers a wide area. Do not overdo the melee however as it can leave the Arcstrider exposed to enemy counter attacks.

Give and Take

Arcstriders are rewarded for performing Melee strings thanks to their ability block composition. This means that timing plays a huge factor in deciding whether the Arcstrider gains bonuses such as HP replenishing effects, temporary buff in melee damage, as well as certain gauge refills through successful Class Skill executions. Employ combo variations to survive longer and eventually the Arcstrider will work in your favor.

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