Destiny 2 - Ether Resupply Heroic Public Event Guide

This page contains a guide on the Ether Resupply Heroic Public Event, including objectives, and how to trigger it in the game.

Destiny 2 Ether Resupply Public Event Guide

The Destiny 2 Ether Resupply Public Event tasks the player of taking down a large Servitor called Prime Ether Servitor in the area. It is a straightforward Public Event that can easily be accomplished with a Fireteam.

Destiny 2 Ether Resupply Heroic Public Event

Destroy the Servitor to cut off the Fallen Ether supply

When the Prime Ether Servitor appear, immediately aim for its eye to damage. Note that the Prime Ether Servitor will teleport to a new position from time to time, so be quick to follow where it will go. it is also good to use any of the statues in the area for cover as the enemy’s energy shots will deal high damage to you if you get hit. Also watch out for the Fallen enemies that accompany the Prime Ether Servitor.

Heroic Public Event Conditions: After a while, the Prime Ether Servitor will summon smaller minions called Transport Servitors in the area. These only appear within for around 20 to 30 seconds, so have your Fireteam focus on destroying all of them. There will be two waves of the Transport Servitors, so be sure to take them all out to trigger the Heroic Public Event (it is missable if you don’t destroy the Transport Servitors in time).

Continue Attacking the Prime Ether Servitor

The Heroic Public Event is no different form the original objective, except that the Prime Ether Servitor will have increased defense. This is the time to use your most powerful weapons and super on the boss, while the rest of the Fireteam can try to fend off the Resilient Homing Shanks and other enemies. Again, be careful of the Prime Servitors, energy shots that can rapidly deplete your health if you are in the open and are immobile.

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